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Nick Groff Wife, Married, Dating, Children, Net Worth, Age, and New Show.

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  • January 25, 2023January 25, 2023
Image of Why did Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures? Know About his Wife, Net Worth, Age and New Show

Nicholas Groff is an American musician and a TV personality: categorically a paranormal investigator. He is mostly involved in investigating ghost related incidents in TV shows. Currently, Nick is leading a team of investigators for a TV show dubbed Paranormal Lockdown, not to mention Ghosts of Shepherdstown. For a long time, this outstanding actor and talented TV icon have appeared in several TV shows with a ghostly theme. He has been interested and captivated by the supernatural world since childhood. In 2004, Nick was heavily involved in the production of Ghost Busters. He played the roles of a cameraman, editor, and executive producer of that documentary. To top it all, he was a co-investigator and a cast member. Afterward, in 2008, he was also involved in the production of a TV series bearing the same name as the former. It was just like a repeat of that documentary film because he assumed the same roles that he played in the film documentary. He was simultaneously involved in other diverse projects that revolved around paranormal. Later in 2016, Nick launched his TV series dubbed Paranormal Lockdown. Apart from that, he has produced some movies and music albums and worked for TV stations like TLC, Travel Channel, and Destination America.

Ghost Adventures Nick Groff wiki bio

Nicholas Groff was born on April 19, 1980, in San Jose, California, USA. However, he was brought up in Nashua, New Hampshire, England. He went to Pelham High School in New Hampshire afterward he emigrated back to the USA. He enrolled in the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, and he graduated with a degree in film. At the age of 8, Nick had a fatal accident when he fell off a tree and nearly died in front of his mother. Thanks to his quick thinking that saved the young lad’s life. In fact, Groff describes that accident as a near-death experience. He loved the supernatural world right from childhood, and he says that two years after the fall, a ghost of a black man visited him at home.

Furthermore, he continues to say that when he was working in Moon River Brewery in Savannah, Georgia, a spirit possessed him and changed the course of his life. Afterward, he had another encounter with a feminine spirit in Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, Nick was possessed again in Natchez, Mississippi when he was investigating King’s Tavern. Why did Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures? Know what happened?
When Nick was still with Ghost Adventurers, he caught the attention of other media stations like Destination America. They approached him, and together they struck a deal. Some sources purport that he had planned for Nick Groff new show with that station. Since he could not strike two birds with one stone, he decided to walk of Ghost Adventures. However, some sources claim that he was fired from that show after he fell out with Zac Bagans. Those are some of the probable reasons why did Nick Groff left ghost adventures. There was an altercation, and a heated verbal exchanged from Zac Bagans after the release of Nick’s Paranormal Lockdown. Zac tweeted continuously accusing an anonymous person of shamelessly copying Ghost Adventurers brand to advertise and promote theirs.

Nick Groff married to wife Veronique Groff and children

Nick Groff wife is called Veronique Roussel Groff.

Image of Nick Groff with his wife Veronique Roussel Groff.

Nick Groff with his wife, Veronique Roussel Groff.

The duo met a long time ago back in high school, and they started dating in their senior year. Since then, they rhymed and became an inseparable item. Nick Groff Veronique Groff have remained together all along until they decided to get married. The couple got married on September 25, 2004, and they decided to take their time before they bore Nick Groff children. Their first born (Annabelle) was born in December 2010 and their second born (Chloe) was born in September 2014.

Image of Nick Groff with their kids Annabelle and Chloe

Nick Groff with his kids Annabelle and Chloe

Nick Groff family lives in Boston, Massachusetts and his wife also host a show. They have maintained their love intact all along, and there are no rumors of divorce or scandals in their marriage.

Nick Groff Net Worth and Age

Nick Groff net worth is estimated to be $1 million, and he has earned it from his career.

Image of Nicholas Groff net worth is $1 million

Nicholas Groff net worth is $1 million

After graduation, he has remained in his profession and career all along, and it has given him handsome returns. Nick Groff age is 38 years, and he is still cute.

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