Philip Serrell is married to wife Briony Serrell. Meet his daughter and know his net worth.

The bidding world has never been more intense ever since Philip Martin Serrell took up the mantle as an auctioneer. Philip is an avid collector, an antique expert dealing with rare artifacts and exquisite artwork from around the 16th Century or part thereof. The British expert is famously known for his role as an auctioneer and TV presenter of Put your money where your mouth is and Bargain Hunt, a BBC TV series but what is his married life like, Get to know by meeting his wife? Also, take a look at his net worth and daughter.

Meet Philip Serrell’s wife, Briony Serrell. They have a daughter Clementine. Any other kids?

Getting your significant other might sometimes be impossible especially if they share your passions as well. To Philip, this came with ease as he is married to wife, Briony Serrell who is also a collector of rare antiques and shares his passion.

The couple seems to have been married for a long while. However, no information is available about Philip Serrell and his wife’s married life. Philip is very vocal and usually uploads how grateful he is to have his wife on his Twitter handle.

Even in their 60’s, the love hasn’t faded as they can be seen hanging out together or supporting each other on projects such as the pre-1967 racing cars over 1500 cc class competition making them one of the most adorable husbands and wife couple.

Philip Serrell with wife Birony Serrell and their daughter

Philip Serrell with wife Briony Serrell

A product of Philip Serrell and his wife Briony Serrell union is their only daughter Clementine Serrell. His daughter is already 33- year -old by age and is a personal trainer who once suffered from anorexia: an eating disorder back in 2012. She has now dedicated her life to helping others through awareness.

Philip Serrell's daughter

Philip Serrell with daughter Clementine

Career.Philip’s career started immediately after his graduation from Loughborough college of physical education. He worked as a physical education teacher. However other sources indicate that he was indeed a Geography teacher at the institution.

Teaching as a profession didn’t entirely cut it for him. For reasons best known to him, he quit his teaching career and embarked on the journey of becoming an auctioneer which wasn’t easy as he had to work to qualify as a chartered surveyor.

He went on to establish his auctioneering firm situated in Worcester after specializing in fine art and antiques. His work attracted the attention of many, and he ended up becoming the presenter of Flog It! and Bargain Hunt. Phil now enjoys the success and auctioneers from his website:

Philip Serrell Net worth

Philip’s current net worth in 2018 is still under review. However, as of 2017, his net worth amounted to approximately 500,000 which mostly attributed to this career as a TV personality. Other sources include his well-established roots as an author of several books such as Sold to the Man with the Tin leg and  An Auctioneer’s Lot available in both audio format and hard copies.

Philip Serrell makes tremendous profits from his auctioneering profile and website which largely contributes to Philip Serrell net worth which is has made him famous to even feature on BBC’s Local Radio. He also writes a column in the Worcester News twice a week that also earns him some little revenue

Wiki, bio, age. How old is Philip Serrell?

Philip Martin Serrell has outlived most of his experiences in his life. Born on March 27th, 1954 in  Kidderminster in  Worcestershire Philp Serrell is 64 years old and has seen and done it all. He played rugby and football while attending the Royal Grammar School in the same town.

He also learned side by side with Pakistani’s cricket captain Imran Khan while at Royal grammar school where he also played cricket. He advanced his athletically oriented studies at Loughborough College of Physical Education.

The retired 64-year-old, Philip Serrell now resides in Malvern Worcestershire in the United Kingdom where he focuses on auctioneering. He is as competitive in auctioneering as he was in sports as a youth.

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