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Quad Webb Lunceford Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Married, Divorce, Real Name

Quad Webb Lunceford is a familiar face on the reality TV Married to Medicine. She is among the seven women who are featured in the show. The success in her career is worth noting.

Though happily married for a couple of years, her marriage is at the edge of divorce. Read on to see who her husband is and her current relationship status with her husband.

Below are details of her wiki-bio, net worth and also her real name.


Quad Webb Lunceford was born in 1980, in Memphis, Tennessee. She will be celebrating her 39th birthday on May 13, 2019.

Quand’s real name is Quadrafinka Webb. She was brought up in southwest Tennessee in Memphis by her parents.

According to wiki-bio, she hails from a very humble background. In her growing up, she faced the struggles to meet even the basic needs. This was her greatest inspiration to work hard in her academics to free herself from poverty.

Not much of her educational background is disclosed by wiki-bio. However, she is a graduate of Tennessee State University. She was awarded a degree in BS, biology and a minor in chemistry.

She has an American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity.


Quad Webb Lunceford’s career took its course after school. She started it off as an employee, working as a medical sales representative. Later on, she ventured into her own business and found herself on an interesting career journey.

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She is a renowned philanthropist and a major icon in the fashion industry. She is a great sought-after speaker thanks to her marital counsel. Her tips on how to keep a relationship alive with romance work magic for those who apply them.

She also gives counseling tips for married yet busy wives. These provide an easy guideline on how to balance career and family.

Quad Webb Lunceford also has another line of career. She is an investor in a puppy clothing line. She has named the business Picture Perfect Pup. This was driven for her great love and passion for pets. She has two cute puppies, Karrie and Khloe.

Image of Married to Medicine cast Quad Webb Lunceford

Married to Medicine cast Quad Webb Lunceford

Her debut in the media was in 2013. She joined the cast of the Bravo’s Married to Medicine show. In 2015, she starred in the shows; My First Love and Sheen Talk Live. She is also a moderator of the show named Sister Circle talk.

Moreover, she is a frontline campaigner for animal rights. She does this for Canine Assistants Foundation. She is also a faithful financial donor for the same foundation.

The multi-talented television personality is also a great cook. She is currently working on a cookbook whereby she will showcase her expertize.

Having an established career as a television personality has earned her much fame. She has also gained much wealth and thus a high net worth.

Quad Webb Lunceford Husband, Married, Divorce

Quad Webb Lunceford is a married woman. She is married to her husband Gregory Lunceford who is her fellow cast member in Married to Medicine. Gregory Lunceford is 13 years older than his wife. He is a professional psychiatrist doctor. The lovers married each other in 2012.

Image of Quad Webb Lunceford with her ex-husband  Gregory Lunceford

Quad Webb Lunceford with her ex-husband  Gregory Lunceford

Recently, their marriage is facing challenges that seem insoluble. In an exclusive interview with The Grio, Quad Webb revealed that they have gone for marital counseling. However, that did not work for them. The reality personality accused her husband of marital infidelity.

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In the five years of married life, the couple doesn’t have a baby yet. Quad Webb Lunceford affirmed that she couldn’t allow herself to have a baby. Reason being, things are not working right for them and bringing in a baby would be unfair.

In season 5, NBC reported that things were already out of hand for this couple. Quad Webb Lunceford had already moved into the guest bedroom.

According to TheGrio, the American celebrity filed for divorce in May 2018. However, it is uncertain when their divorce will get finalized. However, according to wiki sources, the couple officially separated from each other in April 2018.

Quad Webb Lunceford Net Worth

Quad Webb Lunceford’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Her monthly income from the medical field is approximated to be $75,000.

Image of Actor,Quad Webb Lunceford cast net worth is $1.5 million

Actor, Quad Webb Lunceford cast net worth is $1.5 million

Her other major source of income is the salary she receives from the Married to Medicine show. This has contributed significantly to her net worth.

As a businesswoman, her ventures are also another source of income. In the coming years, her net worth is expected to rise. She is making progress in her career and diversifying more in her business ventures.

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