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Remy Ma Net Worth, House, Cars, Married, Husband, Children, Height, Age, and Lifestyle.

Remy Ma - American Rapper

Remy Ma barrages from New York; her birthdate is May 1. She spent her childhood days in the projects of the Bronx. The ravishing rapper had a thing for music since forever and was engaged in rhyme and poetry from a very young age.

The one, who is professionally known as Remy Ma, was born with the name Reminisce Mackie. This female American rapper has made her way up coming from a very rough environment. Remy Ma’s net worth in the year 2018 is $3 million. She became known as a part of the hip-hop crew called Terror Squad in the 90’s.  As per the statistics Remy Ma is currently estimated to be one of the successful rappers having worth 3 million dollars, brought in from numerous eye-catching song albums topped by numerous ads and endorsements brands which pay into her account a handsome amount of around $378, 431 annually.

So, if you are one of her fans, this article is for you to get a sneak peek into Remy Ma life, know about her parents, relationship status, husband or boyfriend, the magnanimous net worth, etc.

Remy Ma Parents

Her parents’ names are unknown. During her childhood, she saw the consequences and terrors of her family’s drug abuse.  Due to family drug abuse, she had to act as a surrogate mother to her younger siblings and take care of them.

Remy Ma Relationship Status, Dating/Married

In the year 2004/2005, she was in a relationship with Juelz Santana, also a rapper. She got married to Papoose in the year 2008 after they both worked together at a recording studio where they met. She has a son Jayson, and she never revealed his father’s name. She is also a stepmother of Papoose’s three children, and she claims she loves them as much as she loves her child.

Remy Ma Net Worth, Salary, and Sources of Income

Remy Ma’s net worth bars has raised the bar recently, as she launched her own fashion house Reminisce of event designs. “There’s something about Remy” was her first album in 2006 which was based on a true-life story pumped out on February 7, 2006.

Remy Ma Networth

She has joined hand with several endorsements brands and several fashion companies for her beauty and immense craze in fashion including Moschino.

The album made 35,000 sales within the first week and 160,000 copies in the United States. Singer of the Shesus Khryst’s composed the album Shesus Khryst on August 28, 2007, which was very well released in the market and highly rated by fans and music critics, giving the album thousands of views on YouTube and writing another success story for her.

The total sales of the album are in affirmed. On the same date, she released another breath-taking album “BX Files.”

The gay audience well applauded Remy’s release of 2008, “Blas Remy.” The sales number for the album isn’t known as it was again a success.

Holding a position of millionaire label, the Grammy winner, Remy Ma can’t help but spends lavishly on what she loves whether it’s dresses or food. She is a woman who prefers to keep her private life secret with the crowd having minimal knowledge about her adventures and day to day expenditure.

House and Cars in Remy Ma net worth

Remy Ma owns a lavish looking eye-catching house in the perfect middle of castle hill location. The house is beautifully designed with a playground for her kids and multiple rooms each connected to a shower Remy’s house which provides it with a comfy and breath-taking look. The rooms here have an extravagant space of 5,342 square feet, with the second floor bearing deluxe guest rooms bearing in mind someone other than a family member could knock in anytime.

This successful rapper drives a luxurious eco-friendly car that holds amazing features such as airbags, push a button and other eco-friendly safety features which all contributes to Remy Ma’s already massive net worth.

Remy Ma Body Measurement | Height and Weight

This lady might not look so tall, but Remy has a good height than one would imagine. Remy Ma has a height which is certainly above the average height of African American female. She recently lost 20 pounds of weight making her more appealing and ravishing than ever. The biggest secret is that the weight loss was just a month. Shocking indeed!!  She has a height of 5.10 ft, and her body weight is 53 kg. She wears a shoe size 10 (US).

How old is Remy Ma? Age, Birthdate and Sun sign

Remy Ma whose real name is Reminisce Mackie was born on May 30, 1980. This famous rapper turned 38 this year. She falls under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, the Twins.

Remy Ma Wiki Bio

Remy Ma lifestyle

American Rapper, Remy Ma

Name Reminisce Mackie
Date of Birth May 30, 1980
Age 30
Birthplace New York
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Net worth $3 million
Salary $500 Thousand
Height 5.10 ft
Weight 53kg
Husband/Spouse Papoose
Children Son Jayson
Parents N/A

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