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Rexella Van Impe – Facts You Need To Know About Jack Van Impe Wife

Image of Rexella Van Impe - Facts You Need To Know About Jack Van Impe Wife

Leaving a positive mark in this world is as hard as it can be, and only a handful of few selected have done this so far. Taking the righteous path is always tricky.

There are always people who oppose your sayings on a specific matter, but despite that, Jack Van Impe and his wife Rexella Van Impe have walked on God’s path for a long time.

Rexella Van Impe is a famous television personality, writer, and actress who is fondly known for her creative roles in the entertainment business since the early 90s.

Today, let’s talk about the late Jack Van Impe’s wife Rexella Van Impe in detail. Here are some mind-blowing facts about her that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, let’s begin with a brief introduction.

Who Is Rexella Van Impe? Learn More About Her Bio

Rexella Shelton AKA Rexella Van Impe was born on November 29, 1932. She grew up in Missouri, USA. According to her bio, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Talking about<p><a href=””>8xbet คาสิโนออนไลน์888</a></p> her early life and childhood, sadly, there is no additional information on her family members and early life.

Image of Caption: Picture of Rexella Van Impe
Caption: Picture of Rexella Van Impe

Who Is Rexella Van Impe Married With? How many children does Rexella have?

Rexella Van Impe married Jack Van Impe in August 21, 1954. They got together while he was featuring at the Youth<p><a href=””>บ้านผลบอล</a></p> For Christ group along with Billy Graham. Rexella was also working there as an organist in the crusades.

The couple began their work together in their joint ministry named Jack Van Impe Ministries. The two used to portray the gospel weekly on their television show, and now she is fondly known in televangelism as a co-host along with Jack.

Here, Rexella begins the show by citing the recent headlines while Jack features the Bible verses to explain the news.

Also, there is an exclusive video that airs on the Christmas broadcast. The footage shows Rexella in her early years while she sings a song.

The couple was chosen to be together by the Holy Spirits as they intend to reach a population of 7 Billion on Earth.

However, there is no information about them having any children till now.

Image of Caption: Rexella Van Impe with husband, Jack Van Impe
Caption: Rexella Van Impe with husband, Jack Van Impe

Did Rexella Van Impe Underwent Plastic Surgery?

Rexella Van Impe is 87 years old as of 2020. Despite that, she doesn’t look like her real age. There are some significant speculations regarding her plastic surgery rumors while people focus on her youthful looks in recent times.

She appears in Jack Van Impe Presents, which reveals her in front of many people every week. So, these individuals have a slight doubt in mind.

How can a woman of her age be so wrinkle-free? That’s the question in everyone’s mind at the moment. Rexella looks a lot younger than her real age, which is the major problem.

Despite the rumors about Botox and facelift surgery, she confirmed that she never had any cosmetic surgery.

People<p><a href=””>เกมสล็อต 8xBET </a></p> assume that she had both facelift and botox to look so youthful and fresh. However, the rumors seem to be false, and Rexella might have good genes, that’s why she looks so amazing.

Caption: Rexella Van Impe in her 30’s

Caption: Rexella Van Impe now at the age of 87

How Much Is Rexella Van Impe Worth? Her Career & Salary

Rexella Van Impe is a co-host in Jack Van Impe Presents. The television show features different types of news in a weekly basis. What’s more interesting is that they point out their view as an interpretation of the Bible.

She has a successful career when we talk about her contribution in the television industry. She has also appeared in many films and movies like The Mark of the Beast, Day Eight: Planet Earth Forever, America’s Future, and many more.

So, the actress has an outstanding net worth estimated to be around  $339,000 as of 2020. Her primary source of income includes her career as a professional actress and the television show that she appears as a co-host.

Rexella Van Impe Talks About Her Husband Jack Van Impe’s Health Problems & Surgery

In 2015, Jack Van Impe had his heart surgery. The host of the show was absent while recovering from his triple bypass operation. Rexella Van Impe explained the tough situation to their fans on their television show.

Also, Jack suffered from another injury in 2017, where he was absent for a long time. His wife announced that he had broken his hip, and he would be off the screen for quite some time, according to the doctor’s advice.

Image of Caption: Rexella and Jack Van Impe in front of their ministry
Caption: Rexella and Jack Van Impe in front of their ministry

Jack Van Impe Dies At 88

Jack Van Impe died on January 18, 2020, according to his official ministry website. The famous star died at the age of 88.


Image of Caption: Statement from JVIM regarding Dr. Jack Van Impe's death
Caption: Statement from JVIM regarding Dr. Jack Van Impe’s death

The cause of death is not revealed; however, the rumors suggest that he had complications because of his open-heart surgery a couple of years back.

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