Rice Gum Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Family, Siblings, House and Lifestyle.

Rice Gum is a popular YouTuber who has made a name for himself just by posting content on his YouTube account which boasts of millions of subscribers.  In this review, you are going to learn more about the YouTuber, how he makes his money, and how much money he has in his bank account.  Also, you shall also get to know a few facts about him.

Rice Gum Net Worth

As of 2018, Rice Gum’s net worth stands at 2.5 million dollars. So how does he make his money and where does it come from, you may ask. Well, most of his money comes from his YouTube account which he started back in 2012. Rice Gum publish his first video, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay.  He later posted a host of videos dissing music videos as well as funny videos and today his account has over 99 million subscribers and over a billion views.

Rice Gums Net Worth (2018)

Caption:- Rice Gum has Net Worth of $2.5 Million.

In addition to that, Gum also sells his merchandise to make that extra coin. His t-shirts sell between $25 and $45.

Rice Gum 2018 Super Bowl commercial with Iggy Azalea

The TV commercial was done for Monster Products; the YouTuber plays Young Noel Lee who is the owner of the company while Iggy is seen in the ad with pink hair. He was paid a lot of money from this commercial and also, most importantly, he got a major exposure because more than 100 million people saw his ad.

Rice Gum net worth over the last three years

2018 $2.5 million
2017 $1.5 million
2016 $750,000

Rice Gum Career progression

Rice Gum began a partnership with Machinima the same year he started his YouTube account. Before all this, Gum was just a YouTuber gamer the same as KSI and here was when he started to get a huge following, and it grew very fast.

After that, he ventured into comedy. At first, he started publishing videos where he would dis the kids that who post their videos on the app musical.ly

Rice Gums career wiki bio

Caption:- Rice Gum is a well-known YouTuber.

Another venture in his account was music.  He started to rapper and did a lot of dis tracks, where he would talk about other famous YouTubers. One of his dis songs secured number #80 on Billboard Hot 100, and he is one of the very few YouTubers who has been featured on any billboard apart from Jake Paul.  He has also dissed others such as Gabrielle Hanna and Danielle Bregoli.

He turned this into a full-time job as he got millions of views and many people downloaded his songs. That’s the beauty of being diverse. He has worked very hard to promote his YouTube account, and he got his first million subscribers in mid-2016, but he had already gotten a whopping nine million by the time it is 2017.

Rice Gum actual name

His actual name is Bryan Le. His nickname Rice Gum is a term that describes someone ego always looks for promiscuous women and getting high all the time.

Rice Gum Year of birth

He was born on 19th November 1996, in Las Vegas, United States.

Rice Gums age biographi wiki bio

Caption:- Rice Gum age is 22 years old

Rice Gum relationship status

Rice Gum is not in a relationship and is not married. Just as his nickname Rice Gum suggests, he is still looking for the right woman for him.

Rice Gum Parents, siblings, and children

Gum’s parents are from Vietnam.  He has a younger sister, but he has never seen her to his fans because he knows if he does that, she will get many negative comments from people. Also, he also has a small brother who is still an infant.

Houses and properties in Rice Gum net worth

Rice Gum does not live with his parents anymore.  He lives in an apartment in Los Angeles. He currently stays alone. His apartment even has a fireplace. There are some photos of his apartment on social media.

Rice Gum home address, phone number, and email

Over 2000 people search for Gum’s number on social media as well as search engine such as Google. However, Gum has not shared any of his addresses on social media.

Rice Gums relationship married life girldfriend

Caption-: Rice Gum love life is yet unknown

Rice Gum Automobiles and other toys

Gum loves good things in life, and he knows how to choose a good machine when it comes to cars. He currently drives a Mercedes Benz s550. The car is a high-end German machine, and it is classy.

Rice Gum Social media presence

Rice Gum is active in social media. Rice Gum has more than 200k Facebook followers.  His Instagram has 4.9 million followers, while his YouTube account has over 9.3 million followers. He has 3 million plus followers on Twitter and 2000, on Google plus. He does not have a Snapchat account yet.

Rice Gum Information about school

Rice Gum attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, but he decided to quit school in 2016 and 2016 to focus with his YouTube account, where he has been posting great content ever since. His decision did not disappoint him at all.

Wiki bio for Rice Gum

Full name Bryan Le
Place of birth Las Vegas, United States
Year of birth 19th November 1996
Siblings Younger Sister
Profession YouTuber
Net worth $2.5 Million
Nationality American
Sexual orientation Male

Favorite quotes by Rice Gum:

  • If you spare some time to read motivational quotes on Google, one day you’ll be successful.
  • There are some days where I feel so useless and meaningless as the G in Lasagna.
  • There was a time where the internet was an escape from the normal world. Today, the world is the escape from the online world.
  • I would love for this music video to be great, but one cannot rush greatness. I know many people will watch this video, so ima take one extra day.
  • If your woman laughs at another man’s joke, write down the joke and say it to her a month later. If she does not burst into laughter, then she is definitely cheating on you.
  • Pupils from my elementary school try to be my friends now, but I remember when they would not sit with me for lunch.
  • I am sorry mum, I cannot hang out today, I will have to look for old pics of us and post them on social media.


Rice Gum is an interesting person. He is confident and believes in himself. He is also a source of inspiration for many teenagers who want to become successful YouTubers in the future.

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