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What is Rip Torn Net Worth? Know His Spouse, Children, Wiki, Bio

Image of What is Rip Torn net worth.The late actor spouse, wiki, bio

Rip Torn joins the list of all the great actors we have lost so far is 2019 after he passed away peacefully some days prior. Rip Torn was not just a great but legendary actor, voice actor, and director who help one successful and memorable career.

It is our duty and honor to write about Rip Torn and inform our readers about the net worth he shared with his wife and family as well as his married life. Know all about the late great actor through his wiki and bio.

Rip Torn Death

Rip Torn passed away on July 8, 2019, “peacefully” in his Connecticut’s Lakeville home as reported by People. There were no further details on the famous actor’s death, but the 88-year-old is believed to have passed away in the presence of his wife, Amy Wright and daughter Angelica Page who were “by his side.”

Image of Rip Torn died at the age of 88

Rip Torn died at the age of 88

Who was Rip Torn?

Rip Torn was a well-known actor who is widely recognized as Zed from the first 2 ‘Men in Black‘ films or as the voice behind Zeus is Disney’s ‘Hercules.’ Rip Torn was born on February 6, 1931, fully named Elmore Rual Torn Jr in Temple, Texas, USA.

Image of Rip Torn from movie, 'Men in Black

Rip Torn from the movie, ‘Men in Black’

He got his nickname ‘Rip’ the same way he got his full name which was from his father Elmore Rual Torn Sr. who bestowed the Rip name on him which was a family tradition. Rip Torn’s father, Senior Elmore who was also known as Tiger, was an agriculturist and an economist who promoted the consumption of black-eyed peas through New Year’s customs.

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Rip Torn was born to mother Thelma Mary Thorn whose family surname is Spacek and is the aunt of actress, Sissy Spacek. He comes from parents of mixed ethnicity and nationality, so he has roots to German, Austrian and Czech Ancestry.

What is Rip Torn Net Worth?

Rip Torn has a net worth estimated to be around 10 million dollars. People may easily recognize him from ‘Men in Black’ or the voice of Zeus in Disney’s ‘Hercules.’ He is also known for being in ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ which earned him 6 Emmy nominations, one of which he won in 1969.

Image of American actor, Rip Torn net worth is $10 million

American actor, Rip Torn net worth is $10 million

His net worth is not just limited to such widely known projects or even just popular films like 1983 ‘Cross Creek’ where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. He has also directed the Whoopi Goldberg starer ‘The Telephone’ and worked with historical actors and artists like David Bowie in movies ‘Payday’ and ‘The Man Who Fell from Earth.’

By now you must have begun the understand the reason for his massive net worth from the scale of his projects, but the list doesn’t end here. He debuted early with the 1956 film ‘Baby Doll,’ and his other early work was Pork Chop Hill where he starred along one of the biggest actors in 1940s to 60s, Gregory Peck. He worked alongside Steve McQueen in ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ and Meryl Streep in ‘The Seduction of Joe Tynan.’ All his accomplishments we have mentioned so far is just scratching the surface of his successful career, which results in his massive net worth.

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Rip Torn Spouse: Relationship History

Rip Torn has been married thrice and has six children altogether. He married his first wife, actress Ann Wedgeworth in 1956 but it lasted only till 1961. They had one daughter together named Danae Torn.

Image of Rip Torn with his second wife Geraldine Page

Rip Torn with his second wife, Geraldine Page

Later Rip Torn married his second wife Geraldine Page who was also an actress in 1963. They had three children together, daughter Angelic Page who is also an actress, and twin sons Tony a Jon Torn. Rip Torn was married to Geraldine until she passed away in 1987.

Image of Rip Torn with his daughter Danae Torn and Angelic Page

Rip Torn with his daughter Danae Torn and Angelic Page

He later remarried in 1989, once again to an actress wife, Amy Wright. They have two children together who are Katie and Claire Torn. Rip Torn sadly leaves behind a big family of 6 children and his wife. We pray for Rip Torn’s family in their moment of grief.

Image of Rip Torn with his first wife Amy Wright

Rip Torn with hisĀ  wife, Amy Wright


One of the legendary actors Rip Torn passed away on July 8. To honor his great life here is all, you need to know about the wiki and bio of Rip Torn estimated to be 10 million dollars in terms of net worth. Learn more about his married life, wife, children, and relationships.

Quick Facts about the late actor Rip Torn

Full Name Elmore Rual “Rip” Torn Jr.
Age 88 years old
Birthdate February 6, 1931
Birth Place Temple, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity German, Austrian, Czech/Moravian
Profession Actor, Director, voice actor
Spouse Amy Wright (since 1989)

Geraldine Page (1963-1987)

Ann Wedgeworth (1956-1961

Net Worth 10 million dollars
Height 5 ft 10 inches (1.78m)
Weight N/A
Marital Status Yes
Children 6
Social Media

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