Robert Duvall’s Wife Luciana Pedraza Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Children, Height

Luciana Pedraza got into the fame after she married to Robert Duvall. This legendary couple has worked together on multiple projects and share a good bond. Also, they were born on the same day too.

From her contributions to the movies, she has made her net worth very high. Her married life with Robert has served her to gain fame. If you want to know whether she has any children or not, do view our page.

Who is Luciana Pedraza? Wiki, Bio

According to the wiki, Luciana Pedraza was born on the 5th of January 1972 in Salta, Argentina. She is an Argentine actress and works as a director too. Married to an American actor, Robert Duvall, she became one of the most famous actresses of America.

Talking about her family history, she is from a good family. Her grandmother Susana Ferrari Billinghurst was an Argentine aviation pioneer. So, her family history is quite good. Born in the city of Salta, she was brought up in Jujuy.

Image of Argentine actress, Luciana Pedraza

Argentine actress, Luciana Pedraza

When it comes to her family life, she has four siblings and is the oldest one. She gained her education in MBA and minor in English from the University of Buenos Aries. Then, she became the director of W. & Associates. Hence, she has done very well in her career.

Luciana Pedraza Net Worth

 As she served the acting and entertainment industry for an extended period, her earnings are high. She has a significant amount of net worth. The house that Luciana Pedraza and Robert Duvall brought for about 1.125 dollars in West Hollywood got sold for 1.6 million dollars. The house was great. Also, it had high ceilings, hardwood floors, open floor plan, and two bedrooms.

Image of Argentine actress, Luciana Pedraza net worth is $10 million

Argentine actress, Luciana Pedraza net worth is $10 million

Moreover, the net worth of Robert Duvall is a big 70 million dollars. As of 2019, Luciana also has a significant sum of about 10 million dollars added to her net worth. She put all this money from her earnings in the acting career.

Luciana Pedraza Married Life as Robert Duvall’s Wife. Any Children?

Although there is a gap of precisely 41 years, Luciana Pedraza and Robert Duvall share a happy married life. This couple has been in married life for about 15 years now and is still going good. Like the match made in heaven, interestingly, they share the same birth of date too.

Image of Luciana Pedraza with her husband Robert Duvall

Luciana Pedraza with her husband Robert Duvall

Talking about their married life, they got married on the 5th of January, 1972. They had been dating since the late 190s. However, they got married after dating for a very long time in 2005. After their marriage, they share a happy married life and are living together with no regrets.

Moreover, they do not have any plans of divorce or any rumors of extramarital affairs too. Until today, they do not have any child and are living life with each other with no disturbance. In the present context, they live in Salta Province which is in the northwest of Argentina. Robert Duvall was previously married to his third wife, Gail Youngs.

How did Luciana Pedraza and Robert Duvall Meet?

Talking about their first meet, this couple first met on the street. When Luciana Pedraza was walking around a mall, she invited Robert to a party without even knowing him. Hence, the meet resulted in fruitfully, and they fell in love with each other.

Who is Luciana Pedraza’s Husband, Robert Duvall?

Luciana Pedraza’s husband, Robert Duvall, is a well-known actor in America. He is also a filmmaker and has served in the industry for more than 60 years. For his contributions as an actor and a director, he has been nominated for different awards and nominations too.

Moreover, he also got selected for Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Also, he has been chosen for Emmy Awards and received the National Medal of Arts too.

Image of American actor, Robert Duvall

American actor, Robert Duvall

Some of his major Television series and movies include, To Kill a Mockingbird in the year 1962, The Twilight Zone in the year 1963, True Grit in the year 1969 and Joe Kidd in the year 1972.

Also, he has performed in Godfather Part II, Bullitt, The Conversation, Network, The Natural, Lonesome Dovem Rambling Rose, Falling, Days of Thunder, The Great Santini and Apocalypse Now.

Hence, Luciana Pedraza’s husband is very popular for the movies and TV series that he has given his contributions too.

Luciana Pedraza Height, Weight, Feet

Being an actor, Luciana Pedraza has equal height and weight. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, which makes her look tall. She weighs around 52 kgs which is 114.62 pounds.  

Image of Actress, Luciana Pedraza height is 5 feet 6 inches

Actress, Luciana Pedraza height is 5 feet 6 inches

However, she looks too good on her 47th years with such a great height. Hence, she is one of the most beautiful American actresses.

Quick Facts about Luciana Pedraza

Full Name Luciana Pedraza
Age 47 years
Birthdate 5th January 1972
Birthplace Salta, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Ethnicity Not Available
Profession Actress and Director
Spouse Robert Duvall
Net Worth 10  million dollars
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 52 kg
Marital Status Married
Children No children
Zodiac Capricorn
Social Media Not Available
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