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Roger Howarth Wife, Married, Net Worth, Family, Children, Height, Wiki

Image of Roger Howarth Wife, Married, Net Worth, Family, Wiki, Bio, Children, Divorce, Height, Tattoo

Roger is a very brilliant actor. His works on the television screens and the films have been enough to prove that. He has the looks. This has made Roger attract a huge following, especially among the female fans. The presence of Roger on the screens has always meant so much for the viewers. The fellow has simply mastered his thing, and he brings it out so perfectly. Owing to his outstanding talent, Roger Howarth has made a fortune in the course of his career.

Learn more about Roger Howarth’s married life with wife, children, family, and wiki.

Roger Howarth Married To Wife, Cari Stahler, And Children

Rogers got married to his wife Cari Stahler in 1992. Over the years, their love has been able to stand the test of time. The members of the public are yet to be slapped with any rumors of divorce or drama in the marriage. It only shows how right they were in choosing to settle down together. Roger has never cheated on his wife before.

Unlike most of the other celebrities who are notorious for having extramarital affairs, Roger Howarth has always maintained a good character. He has been the ideal husband every woman would pray for. Likewise, his wife Cari has also been a very committed lady. Through her effort and commitment, she has ensured that her marriage stands the test of time.

Image of Roger Howarth with his wife Cari Stahler and his son
Roger Howarth with his wife, Cari Stahler and his son

Roger Howarth is a straight person. He is not gay at all. The fact that he felt attracted to a person of the opposite gender and consequently had children with her only shows that he is not gay in any way. Roger’s children are Langston Howarth and Julian Howarth. Roger is both a loving and caring father.

Moreover, he is a father committed to his parental duties. However, Rogers is also a very great disciplinarian. He is quite strict when it comes to preserving the character of his children. Rogers is always quick to rectify any unbecoming behavior witnessed in the kids. In so many aspects, Roger’s family can be said to be still young at the moment. The children are somewhere in their late twenties. Roger Howarth life is a source of inspiration for many.

Roger Howarth Net Worth and Salary

At the moment, it is said that Roger Howarth net worth is somewhere around $500,000. With so much looking up in his career, it is expected that Roger Howarth net worth will continue to rise in his lifetime. Most of Roger’s current wealth can be attributed to his long years as an actor.

Image of Roger Howarth net worth is $500,000
General Hospital actor, Roger Howarth net worth is $500,000

Well, it could be possible that Rogers also has other investments behind the curtains. All the same, he is yet to comment on that particular direction. To be where he is today, Roger has had to deal with some very drastic changes in his life. There are those moments when he has had to adjust so tremendously. All his sacrifices have helped him a great deal.

How old is Roger Howarth? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 13th of November 1968, Roger Howarth is currently a few months shy off sixty years. His next birthday celebrations will be on the 13th of November this year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Roger Howarth was born in Westchester County in the New York, United States of America. Having been born in America, Roger has American nationality. For now, his ethnic background is not known. He is a graduate from George Washington University. Not so much can be said about Roger’s parents and siblings.

Body Measurements: Height And Weight, Tattoo

Roger is 5 feet and ten inches tall. With a couple of tattoos on his body, Roger looks unforgivingly hot. The exact weight of Roger is not known currently.

Where Is Roger Howarth Now?

Roger Howarth is an active user of the social media. It is therefore difficult to know the exact details of the things he had been up to. It can, however, be assumed that he is still busy trying to make the best out of his career.

Is Roger Howarth Leaving General Hospital?

The fans should not fret over the possibility of Roger Howarth exiting the General Hospital. The ugly incident that Roger found himself in Port Charles might have made the audience to believe that Roger could be leaving the show. Roger has survived more serious storms before. The fans do not, therefore, have any reason to worry.

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