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Sam Asghari Biography, Height, Sister, Family, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend

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  • September 9, 2023September 9, 2023

Sam Asghari popularly nicknamed as Sam is an American Fitness Model who was born in Tehran, Iraq but later came to acquire American Citizenship.  He was once a Fitness Personal Trainer and is featured in several fitness magazines and prints. He came into the limelight when he started dating the famous pop singer Britney Spears.

We are going to discuss in details his bio, including his family, sister, parents to his dating life. Aman of Sam’s physique, you must be curious about his measurements like height and weight. Do not forget to see his net worth.

Who is Sam Asghari?

Sam Asghari was born on March 23, 1994, in Tehran, Iraq which makes him 25 years old as of 2019. By the time he was 12 years of age, his mother decided to send him to his father in the United States of America. He has both an American and Iranian citizenship. His sister, Farzaneh, is a registered nurse in America, but she is also a model like her brother. He also has two lesser-known sisters, Maddy and Ellie.

His parents are his father, Mike Asghari, who was a truck driver, and his mother, Fatima Asghari. His father has an American origin while his mother is a Persian.

During his teenage life, he loved football and would spend most of his free time playing football in college. He liked sports in general and even wanted to be an athlete.

Image of Personal Trainer, Sam Asghari

Personal Trainer, Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari went to Westlake High School. He then joined the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he played football for the university team until he was expelled. He later joined Los Angeles Pierce College.

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Sam Asghari Net Worth

Sam Asghari’s net worth is $800,000. His major source of income is working as a model, but now he is transitioning into an actor so you can soon expect both his salary and the source of income to change. He is also bound to grow in net worth, but for now, 800k is his estimated net worth. Initially, he worked as a personal trainer at Royal Personal Training; this was his primary source of income until 2015.

Image of Model, Sam Asghari net worth is $800,000

Model, Sam Asghari net worth is $800,000

As a model, he appeared in 2016 ‘Toyota Super Bowl Commercial’.  He also appeared in the popular music video by Britney Spears, the ‘Fifth Harmony’ and ‘Slumber Party’.

Is Sam Asghari Dating? Who is his Girlfriend?

Sam Asghari’s girlfriend is Britney Spears, the famous Pop music singer. They have been dating since November 2016. They met for the first time when Britney Spears was shooting her video for the song ‘Slumber Party’.

Image of Sam Asghari with his girlfriend Britney Spears

Sam Asghari with his girlfriend Britney Spears

Later in March 2017, Britney Spears shared their picture on her Instagram while celebrating her birthday. They confirmed that they were dating. Since then, their relationship has grown strong, and they always appear together on significant public occasions. Britney is now regarded as girlfriend to Sam Asghari.

In January 2018, the two are said to have engaged as Britney was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring at a beach in Hawaii. His dating history before the pop sensation in non-existent.

Sam Asghari Family: Nationality, Ethnicity

Sam Asghari is a member of a family of four. His father is called Mike Asghari, and his mother is Fatima Asghari. His young sister is Farzenah Asghari, a nurse and model. He has Iranian American nationality and a Persian ethnicity.

Sam Asghari Siblings: Sister

Sam Asghari has three siblings, all three of whom are sisters. One of his sisters Farzenah Asghari, popularly known as Faye is a registered nurse in the United States of America. He also has two other sisters Maddy and Ellie.

Image of Sam Asghari with his sister Farzenah Asghari.

Sam Asghari with his sister Farzenah Asghari.

She is also a model. She assisted her brother Sam in his career and even hooked him up with a fashion designer by the name Michael Costello.

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Sam Asghari Measurements: Height, Weight, Diet

Sam Asghari is a tall man. He is 1.88 meters tall. His weight as of 2019 is 89 kilograms. His diet plan has changed over time since 2013. In 2013, he was eating a lot of fast foods, candy, carbs and sugary foods.

Image of Sam Asghari height is 6 feet 1 inch

Sam Asghari height is 6 feet 1 inch

He had a terrible eating habit. A time came and having been motivated by a TV program; he decided to sign up for Gold’s Smart Nutrition course to learn about nutrition, anatomy and personal fitness.

Having gained enough lessons on nutrition, he came up with a meal plan of 25% protein, 15% vegetables and 25% of complex carbs. He has developed eating for survival habit since then. His sources of proteins include chicken, eggs, fish and turkey. His vegetables include green beans, asparagus and broccoli.

Personal Life

Sam Asghari is a social person. The fact that he trained on personal fitness and acted as a model justifies that he is an outgoing person. He spends a lot of time with his girlfriend Britney Spears. The been seen on many occasions accompanying her. He likes eating properly and has developed a personal meal plan for the same.


Sam Asghari is dating Britney Spears. They are not married yet and don’t have any children. Sam Asghari net worth is $800,000.

Sam Asghari Age, Birth Name, Wiki, Bio 

Birth Name Sam Asghari
Date of Birth March 23, 1994
Age 25 years
Height 1.88 meters
Place of Birth Tehran, Iraq
Nationality Iran
Occupation Model
Weight 89 kg
Net worth $800,000
Parents Mike Asghari and Fatima Asghari
Relationship status Dating
Death-O-Meter Alive

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