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Sepanta Arya Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Family, Ethnicity, Height

Sepanta Arya is the name of a teen, who isn’t just among the bookworms like most of you guys were in your teenage years. To your surprise, the dude we’re talking about is already an Instagram star and an aspiring model but hasn’t yet stepped into his eighteenth year. And yes, the handsome guy, still to reach his legal age, already holds a bunch of beautiful ladies in his back.

Read the story behind the rise of the young Instagrammer in this article. Also, the net worth of Sepanta Arya, his personal life and relationships, along with his girlfriend, family, and bodily measurements are explored. Get a closer look on him today. Stay tuned

Who is Sepanta Arya?

Sepanta was born in the Dutch soil on November 4, 2001, in the city of Lelystad. He is known to have a sibling; his younger brother Sobhan Arya, is also his Youtube channel associate.

The social platform of Instagram worked as a boon for the young photo enthusiast. He posted his pictures in the Instagram profile of his daily life, and the attraction increased for the young and handsome dude. Sepanta Arya gradually increased his fan followings to a pretty significant value of 522.1k followers until the date of writing this article. He is known to receive above 150,000 watchers in his Snapchat so far.

Image of Social Media Influencer, Sepanta Arya
Social Media Influencer, Sepanta Arya

The Dutch-born dude already is an aspiring model, but he is known to reveal his outlook mostly via pictures. Together with his brother, Sepanta shares a Youtube channel and is an addition to the social media influencer’s assets. He is known to be active in Youtube since 13 years of age.

What is Sepanta Aryda Net Worth in 2019?

The net worth of Sepanta Arya has been on a surge throughout the years, with his active Instagram profile and an astounding number of visitors every day. Sepanta is more precisely recognized as a social media influencer and the salary, or income from the Instagram channel for his posts must have been significant. The figures for the worthiness of the rising star, vary in the online sources, and it is difficult to estimate on Sepanta’s current assets and liabilities. However, Sepanta Arya’s net worth as hypothesized stands somewhere between $100K-1M as of 2019.

Image of Instagrammer, Sepanta Arya net worth is $1 million
Instagrammer, Sepanta Arya net worth is $1 million

 Who is Sepanta Arya Dating? Know his Girlfriend

The “instaboy” is still to attain the legal age for him to talk about relationships and girlfriend, but he shall turn 18 on the upcoming November, to break off the locks. Therefore, any highlights on his relationships are expected to arrive after a while in the media. Meanwhile, the guy is known to be single till date, but a good collection of femme fatales is being settled for him to deal with in his follower’s list.

Image of Sepanta Arya is currently single
Sepanta Arya is currently single

The guy; with his admirable and handsome looks and body has been a huge attraction for ladies out there, and they might be on the wait for the charm to turn into the legal age before they make a move entrancing move.

Family, Ethnicity, Nationality

The golden bodied guy is known to be born in the Netherlands and holds a Dutch Nationality. Meanwhile, therefore, there are assumptions for his ancestry and ethnicity to be traced back to the Persian origins, but there haven’t been any validations on the guesses so far. Sepanta Arya’s family although is hypothesized to be of aforementioned origin, the follower’s list along with the media is still on a wait to see on the details of the aspiring model’s family background to be revealed from the official source.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The 18-year-old Instagrammer’s personal profile is still a digable topic, and the information on his bodily measurements is still in review. As seen in his pictures posted on Instagram, he shows to be a tall and handsome guy with a height exceeding 170 cm (approx.) and a well proportionate body.

Image of Sepanta Arya height is 5 feet 5 inches
Sepanta Arya height is 5 feet 5 inches

He also seems to have curly brown hair and black eyes, adding a good charm and contrast to his skin tone.  The aspiring model is assumed to reveal more information on him in the coming days as the attraction towards “the sexy packs” seems to be increasing together with the question’s list turning longer each passing day.

Quick Facts about Sepanta Arya

Full name Sepanta Arya
Age 18 years old
Birthdate November 24, 2001
Birth Place Lelystad, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Persian
Profession Social Media Influencer, Instagrammer, Model
Spouse N/A
Net worth $100K-1M
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status N/A
Children N/A
Zodiac Sagittarius
Social Media Instagram

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