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Shante Broadus Married Life to Longtime Husband Snoop Dogg After Affair Scandals

Everybody knows an American rapper, singer, actor and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg, but who is Snoop’s wife? The fans of Snoop Dogg are googling to know about his wife’s age, family, and married life.

Well, we are here to let you tell everything about Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus. Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg have been married for more than 20 years. Now, their marriage seems to end? But why? What’ the reason behind it? Read on below to know more.

Who is Snoop Dogg’s Wife? When Did Shante Broadus Get Married?

Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. Broadus has been with rapper Snoop Dogg since high school. During their marriage, the couple has faced many ups and downs.

Image of Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante Broadus
Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus

Shante and Snoop Dogg exchange the vows on June 14th, 1997, at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey, California. At their wedding, they wore all white. After being together for seven-year, on May 21st, 2004, Snoop filed a divorce from his wife, citing irreconcilable differences.

However, the couple reconciled and renewed their wedding vows on January 12th, 2008, and their children were witnesses to their marriage. The duo made their appearance in several events, parties, and functions together.

Image of Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg
Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg called his wife with a secret name, “Boo.” He had his own reality show on which he opened up his relationship with his wife. Whenever he calls a woman “boo” in his songs, it refers to his wife.

Why did Shante Broadus Separate from Snoop Dogg?

Recently, the rumor is swirling around that Shante is now separated from the rapper husband Snoop, and everyone is wondering why. Sources claim it’s all because of the rapper’s side chicks.

Celina Powell exposed her alleged affair with Snoop Dogg via social media. She also talked about his drug use. Celina’s social account name is ‘The Black Widow‘ in social media posted a video on her YouTube channel. Celina Powell in a YouTuber who classifies herself as a Thot and claims to have a similar experience of having similar relationships with other famous rappers like Game and Blueface.

Caption: Celina Powell’s YouTube video about Snoop Dogg

On the videos, she cleared stated what happened between her and Snoop Dogg back in 2018. Powell alleged that Snoop snorted cocaine off of her breasts in his spare apartment in Los Angeles. Afterward, he gave money to her for shopping. Also, she said the two hooked up again but that she was given no money and left at the side of the street but Snoop’s bodyguard.

After Celina Powell posted a video on YouTube, Shante wrote a cryptic message about feeling about her heartbroken. She stated, “Where Did We Go Wrong” without writing out any names.

How Many Children Does Shante Broadus Have?

Shante Broadus is the mother of three children. She gave birth to their first child, a son, Corde, on August 21st, 1994, while they were still dating. Prior to their marriage, Broadus gave birth to their second son named Cordell, who quit football to pursue his career as a filmmaker.

Image of  Snoop Dogg and Shanter Broadus's Children
Snoop Dogg and Shanter Broadus’s Children

The duo blessed with a beautiful daughter, Cori, born on June 22nd, 1999, who is 20 years old. Snoop called their daughter Cori as Cjoc and son Cordell, Rock. At six years of age, Cori was diagnosed with Lupus

Now, she is living a healthy life. When it comes to dating, her parents are hard. Shante’s daughter is following the footsteps of her father Snoop and already released three songs. Before pursuing a career in the film industry, Cordell played as a wide receiver and defensive back for Notre Dame, UCLA, and Southern California.

What is Shante Broadus’s Net Worth?

Snoop’s wife, Shante, hasn’t shared any information regarding her career and work experience. Back to dates in 2007, she featured in Snoop Doog’s reality show “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood” along with their kids.

However, she enjoys the net worth of $135 million that earns bu her husband, Snoop Dogg. He makes most of his wealth from his music career as well as other ventures. Her husband is an active entrepreneur and investor.

Where is Shanter Broadus Hailed from?

Shante Broadus was born on October 30th, 1971, in California. She and Snoop Dogg graduated from the same school name Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Information about her early life, family, and educational background are not revealed yet. Back in 2008, she was arrested for a DUI in Fullerton, California.

Quick Facts on Shante Broadus

  • Shante Broadus is the wife of Snoop Dogg, who she met in high school.
  • She appeared along with their kids on her husband’s reality show ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.’
  • Broadus appeared in a documentary titled ‘Reincarnated.’
  • Her Instagram name goes by “Shante Monique Broadus,” where she has over 700k followers.

Wiki Table of Shante Broadus

Name Shante Broadus
Date of Birth October 30th, 1971
Place California
Age 48
Profession N/A
Net Worth N/A
Spouse Snoop Dogg
Children Three
Height N/A
Weight N/A

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