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Shawna Brannon Wiki-Bio: Facts about Tony Horton’s Wife

In this article, we are going to read more about Shawna Brannon, a fitness instructor and her well-known husband, Tony Horton. The couple is a living, breathing symbol of inspiration. They have inspired so many people through fitness training and books. Tony Horton, apart from being a fitness instructor, is an author and motivational speaker.

If you have the desire to know more about Shawna Brannon’s husband, married life, wiki and bio, then stay and read along.

Who is Shawna Brannon? His Career Info

Shawna Brannon burst on to the scene after marrying a famous fitness instructor, Tony Horton. There is not a lot of information in regards to her career trajectory, then that she is also a fitness instructor.

We were able to unearth a few things about Shawna Brannon’s husband. Tony Horton attended the University of Rhode Island. While he was there, he became drawn to weight lifting and getting into shape. While the fitness trainer was on a road trip to California, the 60-year-old took up an on-screen career. He met an executive at 20th-century fox, and he became his trainer. His going rate, to begin with, was rumoured to be about $20 for each lesson.

Image of Fitness Instructor, Shawana Brannon

Fitness Instructor, Shawana Brannon

When in California, he joined the world gym in Venice, California. In the same gym, there were many celebs like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man known over the world for his god-like physique.  He had a gig as an actor and stand-up comedian in Los Angles, where he moved to after completing college. He was in the movie Gymnast.

After working with the executive, he started working with more Well-known people like Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Annie Lenox, Billy Idol and other more. The theme of his training and fitness was on balance, speed, flexibility, advanced stretching, resistance training, aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, and others. His fitness program, P90X and its sequels feature everything mentioned above. Tony was a fitness trainer to stars in the entertainment industry. Tony trained with musician, Tom Petty and after following his system, he was in fantastic shape.

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He established ASH Fitness in Santa Monica when he started getting calls from other stars. If Tony Harton’s wife, Shawna has a bio and career anything like her husband, then we are sure that she is also a successful trainer or instructor too.

Shawna Brannon Net Worth

It is unclear how Shawna makes her money. While she is a fitness trainer, we were not able to determine how much she makes in terms of salary. As such, Shawna Brannon’s net worth currently remains undisclosed and under review. Her husband’s financial details are available to the general public. Her husband Tony, on the other hand, has an entirely different story.

In 2001, Tom created the In-Home program Power. His most famous work was built in 2004; P90X, Power 90 Extreme.  The program was a huge success. He sold around $4 million copies within six years.

Tony Horton charges $5000 for each workout session, and his 90-day workout session makes him a hundred million dollars each year. He appeared in TV series like fitness and lifestyle expert.

Image of Shawna Brannon husband Tony Horton net worth is $20 million

Shawna Brannon husband Tony Horton net worth is $20 million

Tony wrote several books such as Bring it and Crush it, both of which went onto become very successful and thus generating even more income for the man and his family. Consequently, Tony Horton’s net worth currently stands at $ 20 million. As his wife, Shawna also shares in his wealth. Marriage, after all, is a partnership, and so what’s his is also hers.

Shawna Brannon Married Life. Meet Her Husband, Tony Horton.

Before tying the knot with Shawna Horton, her current husband, Tony Horton, was dating a man. After he converted to Christianity, he stopped dating men. He admitted to having a lot of fun during his old life but decided to leave it all behind because his new found religion preached against it.

Image of Shawna Brannon with her husband Tony Horton

Shawna Brannon with her husband, Tony Horton

Soon after that, he met his lovely wife Shawna Brannon and the couple got married in 2015. Tony Horton admitted being much happier after his life changed and married Shawna. There is no information on whether the couple has children or not. Shawna Brannon is not in the spotlight. There is no information about her so far. It is just mentioned that she is a fitness instructor. Her husband’s full name is Anthony Sawyer Horton JR. He was born on July 2nd, 1958 in Rhode Island, United States. His parents are Jean Horton and Anthony Sawyer Horton.

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Personal Life

Shawna Brannon’s personal life is a mystery, and there is no information on her which isn’t connected to her being the celebrity trainer, Tony Horton’s wife. We could not find that much information on her. Her exact date of birth and age remain a mystery. However, we estimate the woman to be somewhere in her early to mid-40s. Like her husband, she is also a fitness instructor.

Shawna Brannon Age, Wiki, Bio, Facts

Full name Shawna Brannon
Age The early 40s
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Fitness enthusiast, Fitness Instructor
Net worth Under review
Husband Anthony Sawyer Horton JR
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown


Shawna Brannon’s career trajectory in fitness like her famous spouse, Tony Horton. Learn all about it along with her net worth and married life with husband and children in her bio or get acknowledged quickly through her wiki.

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