Snowbird Brown Wiki: An Immense Animal Lover Alaskan Girl. Details Like Her Net Worth, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Siblings.

Snowbird Brown, 22 years of age, is from the Brown family who is popular as a cast of reality TV show ‘Alaskan Bush People’. She is one of seven children from her parents Bill Brown,64, and Ami Brown,53. Being a girl and living in Alaska seems a tough job but not for Snow. In fact, she is a tough girl who is well acquainted with nature and wilderness. Let’s get more details like her age, height, siblings, boyfriend, net worth.

Snowbird Brown

Beautiful Snowbird Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Snowbird Brown Siblings

Snowbird Brown is eldest of the girl in the family. She has younger sister Rain Brown,14, whom she loves and help her learn skills required to live in Alaska. Snow is used to living with her five brothers Matt Brown, Noah Brown, Bam Bam Brown, Gab Brown, and Bear Brown. She is like partner in crime as she is involved in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing with her brothers.

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Snowbird Brown and Nature

Snowbird has been a nature lover from her tender age.She likes to be an independent and she has a passion for outdoor activities. When she was five, her brother used to think that they will have to do fishing or even tie the hook for her but she was able doing all by herself. She even can go hunting on her own and she is very good at fishing.

Snowbird in her favorite place

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While it comes to nature she is an immense animal lover. She has more than 10 pets which include Five-Eared slider Turtles, cats, dog, and a squirrel. Sometimes she climbs high mountain meadow to watch deer feeding on beautiful grass. Moreover, her outdoor activities involve going by creek or ocean and write and draw about nature. She seems like the queen of nature. She enjoys nature and music it produces but when it comes to real life musician Eric Clapton is her favorite one.

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Snowbird’s Boyfriend

Snowbird is young enough to fall in love or have a boyfriend. She was once rumored pregnant when she gained weight in 2015. Later, those rumors were falsified. Furthermore, Snow is barely seen with any men or she has never talked about being in a relationship. It seems she is currently single as she has no boyfriend.

Know her Net Worth

Snowbird Brown was Born on 18th of November 1994. She is currently 22 years of age.Bird rose to fame through Discovery channel reality TV shown ‘Alaskan Bush People’ which is her main source of income. The show was first aired in May of 2014, it has been running and now in its seventh season. With the increase in popularity of the show, her pay has also significantly risen. She has an annual salary of $60k. As a result, she has a net worth of $100k.

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