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Street Outlaws Kayla Morton Wiki/Bio, Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Meet the famous Street Outlaws’ female star, Kayla Morton. Her wiki-bio talks more about her successful car racing career. It also talks about the net worth she has achieved so far from her profession.

You may also want to know whether she is married. If so, who is her husband and does she have a baby. All this information is well researched and recorded below.


Kayla Morton is a young professional racer in her early thirties. She will be celebrating her 32nd birthday in the coming month. Her birth date was on February 27, 1987.

She is a proud daughter of a former car race driver Stanley Morton. Her wiki-bio is missing out on most of her important personal information.

She has also not revealed to the public details about her early life. Details about her education background are not disclosed. The rest of her family members are not in the public domain.


Kayla Morton’s career is far fetched from her childhood days. Her love for cars and racing developed as she grew up with a racer father. Most of her early days were spent in the car garage while she accompanied her father. If you want to be as successful as an actor in crafting narratives, rely on our partner ghostwriter wien, who assists in academic writing. She observed as her dad worked on motor engines and as he built up cars.

She developed a similar passion which ended up being her professional career. Kayla Morton is one of the 405 racers in the Street Outlaws. It is through this platform that she has gained much fame.

Image of Kayla Morton from Street Outlaws
Kayla Morton from Street Outlaws

She is renowned for driving the heavy cars and has succeeded in most of the competitions. She is acclaimed as number one professional drag racer.

Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton Married? Meet Her Children.

Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton are romantically engaged. These two are Street Outlaws’ personalities. It is most likely that they met on this platform. However, they have not confirmed this.

The two have not opened up to the public as to whether they are married to each other. However, wiki-bio shows that they live together as a husband and wife.

Image of Kayla Morton with her husband Chris Hamilton and their kids
Kayla Morton with her husband, Chris Hamilton and their kids

The professional racer has two children; Austin and Cooper. It is reported that she got her first born baby from her previous relationship. There are no further details as to whether she had been married to the other guy or not.  She got her second born baby with Chris Hamilton (Boosted GT).

The couple resides together in Texas with their two children. Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton seem to be enjoying their relationship and family life.

Kayla is always the number one cheerleader of her lover Chris Hamilton. Chris is a very successful professional race driver. He always checks through the posts of Kayla before a race to collect donations.

Kayla Morton is very active in social media. She often uploads her photos with Chris Hamilton and her children. Away from her professional life, she is a loving mummy to her children. She often spends time with them trying to build the love for cars in them. Whenever Chris Hamilton competes, she always takes the babies along with her.

The Street Outlaws’ recently featured a competition of these two lovebirds against each other. Street Outlaws racer, Kayla Morton lost the match to her boyfriend.

Kayla Morton Net Worth

Kayla Morton’s net worth is estimated to be $350,000 as at now. Her success in the car race profession is worth noting. It is not only a passion but also a talent. As a woman, she has managed to rise to the top position beating other race drivers.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Kayla Morton net worth is $350,000
Street Outlaws cast Kayla Morton net worth is $350,000

Her appearances in the reality television show Street Outlaws’ has not only made her famous but also rich. She has accumulated her net worth from her longtime career in the car racing.

Kayla Morton Crash and Car. What Is She Doing Now?

Kayla Morton had a car crash during one of the races. This competed against her husband Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton. It was during the Bounty Hunters II No Prep event at San Antonio Raceway.

In the second round of Big Tire competition, she made a very good reaction time. This was a big hope that she was going to win this time around. Unfortunately, her Mustang made a slight move to the right and then darted to the left. This is where the crash happened as she hit the wall. This caused her to lose the competition to her competitor.

The street Outlaws lady star races on a 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang. It is a 302 Small Block Chevy, Single Nitrous Plate, and Small Tire Car.

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