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Most people have come to know Vince DeMentri is the broadcast journalist. The greater portion of Vince’s fame and recognition came when he was the CBS reporter. He has in the journalism and media industry for the past twenty years. Owing to such experience and skills, Vince has not only built a name for himself, but also a considerable amount of wealth.

He is quite rich, and as such enjoys a very affluent lifestyle. This article will help the reader get acquitted with vital pieces of information regarding Vince DeMentri’s; marital status, career, blog, family background, and net worth.

Vince DeMentri Married to Wife and Divorced? Meet His Children

The truth of the matter is that Vince DeMentri was once a married man. Vince’s wife was Pat James DeMentri. The marriage was blessed with one child. They had a daughter named Nikki DeMentri. Vince’s only child is thus Nikki. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long enough as the couple soon parted ways. In as much as Vince was reluctant to share with the public the real reason behind the breakdown of the marriage, it soon came out that Vince was having an affair with a colleague was already married. Her name was Lori Delgado. An article published in the Dailymail on the 14th of November 2008 claimed that Vince used to stalk Lori even after they had broken up.

Image of Vince Dementri with his wife Lori Delgado

Vince DeMentri with his wife Lori Delgado

For now, Vince has chosen to keep silent about his relationship status. His daughter is already of age and is currently working as a multimedia journalist. As for his ex-wife Pat, she serves at the QVC as a host.

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Vince DeMentri Net Worth and TV Career

Vince’s career journey started way back in 1988. During those times, he was a news anchor for WOI-TV ABC. He served there for the duration of two years. From here, he joined the WPRI Network where he also served as an anchor for another two years. The next stage of Vince’s career saw him work with a number of television networks such as WPIX-TV and WPCS-TV. In spite of the numerous career steps that Vince took during his earlier years, his breakthrough to fame and riches came when he started working with CBS as a news anchor working on the weekends.

Image of TV Journalist, Vince Dementri net worth is not available

TV Journalist, Vince DeMentri net worth is not available

Having joined CBS in 1993, Vince served in this particular station for the next ten years. He, therefore, left in 2002. It is true that Vince had so many golden opportunities in his career days as a journalist. Sadly, he could not amount to so much success. His bosses kept firing him every now and then. At some point, he was fired due to some job conflicts. As an employee of NBC, he was reported to have been dating a married colleague, and that is how he lost his job. The last job he lost was due to the fight he was involved in with a UN driver at the parking lot.

From the experience he got from the years of being a journalist and a media personality, Vince was able to open the DeMentri media where he served as the president for two years. Moreover, he is a media specialist at the moment. There is currently no information regarding Vince’s average net worth. Vince’s net worth is therefore not known at the moment.

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How old is Vince DeMentri? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born in 1965, Vince DeMentri is currently 53 years of age. However, the exact day and month of Vince birth are not known to the public.

Wiki, Bio, Family

The early days of Vince are shrouded in the mist of mystery. All can be said is that he graduated from Temple University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During his campus days, Vince was such a great football player. The details of Vince’s family are not accessible at the moment.

Vince DeMentri Social Media Updates. What Is He Doing Now?

For now, Vince DeMentri has ventured into private practice. He has taken a break from all the scandals and drama that comes with having an employer in one’s life.

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