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Whitney Sudler Smith Net Worth, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Father, Bio

The name Whitney Sudler-Smith is not new in the reality TV, Southern Charm. This renowned filmmaker, film director, and actor has grown to be very successful.

Behind every success, people are always interested to know whether the person married. Who is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s wife or girlfriend? You have undoubtedly heard of the celebrity’s mother, Patricia Altschul. But have you wondered who his father is? Details about Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth is revealed.

All these answers are now available for you.


Whitney Sudler Smith’ bio reveals that he was born on June 2, 1968.  With this, we can calculate his age to be 50 years seven months. His place of birth is Washington, DC but he grew up in Virginia.

His mother, whose name is Patricia Altschul, was a socialite at her time. She was also a renowned art dealer. His biological father is known to be Lon Smith.

The celebrity suffered what every child would ever dread in their lifetime. His father and mother who had married for fourteen years had a divorce. He went along with his mother who ended up in two more marriages.

The television personality studied at Georgetown Day School and after that George Washington University. He further pursued his education at Oxford University and also at Alliance Francaise in Paris.

Much of his personal details are also missing in his wiki-bio. This includes his early childhood life and information about his siblings if any.


Whitney Sudler Smiths’ career made its debut in 1996. This was when he relocated to Los Angeles aiming to make a difference in Hollywood. That same year, he directed two small films; Going for Baroque and Afternoon Delight.

He had an interest in Indian films. As a result, he produced a movie named Bubba and Ike in 1998.  The film starred Elisa Gabrielli and Jesse Borrego. Its first screening was at the Austin Film Festival.

He further wrote and directed another Indie film named Torture TV in 2002. This one starred Danny Huston and Trevor Goddard.

In 2010 the star released a documentary named Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston. This documentary was about the famous fashion designer Roy Halston. It mostly focused on Studio 54 and the club scene in Manhattan in the 1970s. He got the information from archived footages and also interviews of personalities such as Anjelica Huston among others.

Whitney Sudler Smith is currently pursuing his career at Bravo’s reality show, Southern Charm. In fact, he is the executive producer and director of the show. Moreover, he is also one of the actors in the show.

Image of Southern Charms cast Whitney Sudler
Southern Charms cast Whitney Sudler

This show mainly features social life in Charleston, South Carolina. His mother Patricia Altschul is one of the personalities who feature in the show. There are times the show is filmed in Mikell House. This is a mansion downtown Charleston and is owned by Whitney’s mother.

The professional filmmaker is also an executive producer of spin-off shows on the Savannah and New Orleans.

In addition to filmmaking, Whitney Sudler Smith has another professional career as a guitarist.

Whitney Sudler Smith Married to Wife or Dating Girlfriend?

Whitney Sudler Smith is not yet married to the wife, but he is dating a lovely girlfriend.

The celebrity’s social media pictures with beautiful ladies leave many questions in the minds of people. Who among these ladies might be his wife or girlfriend? Is he married?

The television personality was previously dating his girlfriend, Larissa Marolt. Larissa was Austria’s top model and actress. She received an accolade as Austria’s Next Top Model in 2009 and also a Romy award.

Despite their seemingly happy relationship, they did not end up as a husband and wife. The period of their dating and the reason for breakup remains concealed.

After parting with Larissa Marolt, he was linked with another model Eliza Cummings. However, the details of this relationship are not disclosed.

Image of Whitney Sudler with his girlfriend Larissa Marolt
Whitney Sudler with his ex-girlfriend, Larissa Marolt

Recently, there is a new lady in the life of this celebrity.

Whitney Sudler Smith is dating a beautiful girlfriend by the name Daisy who is a model. For this relationship, his mother Patricia Altschul is 100% in support. She confirmed it in the Southern Charm and also in The Daily Dish.

She confessed that she likes Daisy very much. Patricia further said that Daisy is a hardworking woman and her character is outgoing. However, the two are not married yet. But there is a possibility that she will be the lucky one to be his wife.

Whitney Sudler Smith Net Worth

Whitney Sudler Smith net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. However, this is very low compared to the elegant lifestyle he portrays on the Southern Charm reality show.

Image of Television Producer, Whitney Sudler net worth is $2 million
Television Producer, Whitney Sudler net worth is $2 million

His longtime career as a filmmaker, director and actor is the major contributor to his net worth. He is also said to be in possession of precious assets.

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