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Who is White Supremacist’ Patrik Mathews? His Wiki, Bio, Family, Nationality, Dating or Married?

Image of Who is White Supremacist', Patrik Mathews. His Wiki, Bio, Family, Nationality, Dating or Married.

Things are getting scarier as we comprehend more kind of such news which is related to terrorism and white supremacist. It’s not safe, and hidden agenda with their compelling master plots are on their run now.

Similarly, as for the recent trending news on the arrest and disappearance of  Patrik Mathews has created a sense of terror among the citizens across the globe.

Well, today we are here to give you some enticing details on this White Supremacist who is known for his ties on one of the most dangerous hate groups in North America.

Buckle up your seats as we thrive into Patrik’s wiki-bio, family and his nationality comprising his personal and married life. SO stick with us!

Who is “White Supremacist” Patrik Mathews? Wiki, Bio

Patrik Mathews is one of the active members of an online White Supremacist group called “The Base.” The online site indulges many other Hate activists who engulf plannings and meetings for terrorist activities.

He is formerly a combat engineer affiliated to Canadian Army Reserve in the 38 Canadian Brigade Group with the position as a master corporal.

Image of Canadian Army, Patrik Mathews

Canadian Army, Patrik Mathews

Canadian born Patrik, who is in his 26 years, belongs to the White ethnicity. Before his disappearance, he used to live in Beausejour, near Winnipeg.

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He stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs approximately 180 pounds. The color of his hair is Blonde and has a pair of blue eyes.

Patrik Mathews Net Worth

He never revealed his income or net worth details. However, with eight years of service in the Canadian Army Reserve as a master corporal must have paid him a hefty amount of fortune.

Is Patrik Mathews Dating or Married? Family and Parents

Highlighting Patrik’s married life or girlfriend details, there is not much sufficient information to share. Moreover, he has not disclosed additional info about his parents, siblings or any family members.

Patrik Mathews Controversies; Fled to the US

Patrik was initially around the Winnipeg where he spent the summer actively recruiting members by posting flyers on the street that quoted “Save your Race, Join The Base.”

Image of White Supremacist, Patrik Mathews and A recent meeting of a Base call

White Supremacist, Patrik Mathews and A recent meeting of a Base cell

Later, when a Winnipeg Free Press reporter Ryan Honte went disguise to display his activities. It led search warrants and raided on his residence and was eventually arrested with multiple firearms possession.

Following Patrik’s arrest on the night of August 19, 2019, from his home by the Manitoba RCMP. He went missing from the third day, and later search investigation was concluded on him.

The whole story after his arrest by RCMP has been ridiculously falsified, which gradually led to many controversies.

It initially embarked after RCMP refused to speak with Ryan Thorpe and even the chairman of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Bernie Farber has termed the whole scenario as shocking news.

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Lately, his Mathews’ 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT was seen in U.S.-Canada border in Piney, Manitoba which made suspicions that he has fled to the U.S.

Fun Facts

  1. Patrik is a profound member of an online website, including all-right extremists called “The Base.”
  2. He served in the Canadian Army Reserve as the rank of master corporal.
  3. Winnipeg Free Press recently published Patrik as a White Supremacist.
  4. After being exposed, his home was raided by government authorities named Manitoba RCMP.
  5. Patrik as of now has vanished from the scene, and his disappearance has been termed ‘shock’ by Anti-Hate Activist Bernie Farber.

Patrik Mathews Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Supremacist

Full Name: Patrik Mathews
Age: 26 years
Birth Date: 1993
Horoscope: not known
Birth Place: Canada
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Youtube star
Height / How tall : 5 feet 10 inches or  178 cm
Net Worth: not known
Spouse: no information
Children: not yet
Social Media Presence: not accessible

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