Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter: Alex Martin Wiki-Bio, Husband, Married, Children, Net Worth, Family

Alex Martin Wiki Bio

Alexander Martin’s mother is a comedian and an actress. She is the famous Whoopi Goldberg. Alex’s father is Alvin Martin, the first husband of her mum. Alexander Martin was born on the 9th of May 1973. Alex has three younger siblings. She was born in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Alex father, Alvin, was a renowned footballer who passionately played for the West Ham United. During his footballing career, Alvin Martin scored a total of 34 goals. That was after making 598 game appearances.

Learn more about Alex Martin married life with her husband and children. Also get to know about this celebrity daughter’s net worth, age, and wiki, bio.

Alex Martin Married To Husband, And Children

At the moment, Alex Martin is married to Benard Dean. The two have been married since 2011. What makes this marriage interesting is the fact that the two have by now married each other three times. The couple presently has two children, a son, and a daughter. Their last wedding was not marked by a huge attendance. It took place in Los Angeles. Perhaps most of their friends are by now feeling like the two no longer know what they want with each other. They have therefore decided not to take them so seriously.

The wedding ceremony was an invite-only affair. Present were the close family members and their children. The children were so happy to have their father back to the family.

In spite of the previous marriage breakdowns, the public does not have enough information as to the circumstances which led to their failure. On the face of things, however, however, their last marriage will last longer since they appear to have dealt with a majority of the issues that often strained their relationship. The marriage is already seven years old, and the two are still going strong.

There are no signs of a possible breakup shortly. One can bet that they have gotten it right this time around, and will therefore not be getting divorced anytime soon.

Image of Alex Martin with her husband, Bernard Dean

Daughter of Whoopi Goldberg, Alex Martin with her husband, Bernard Dean

Alex Martin Age, Family, Father, Mother

Born in 1973, Alex Martin is presently 45 years old. Due to her current marital status, she can also be referred to as Alex Dean. Alex has a brown complexion and is straight. When talking about family, the conversation cannot be complete before talking about Alex’s old time friend called Leisa. The two have been friends since their high school days. With time, they have become family.

Before their last wedding with Benard Dean, Alex Martin dated Steve Jordan for six years. The two broke up in 2007, around four years before Alex again wedded Benard Dean. At the age of 16, Alex Martin got pregnant with her first daughter, Amarah Skye. The father of the child has never been known to date.

Alex is the daughter of Whoopi, the comedian. She is her only child. It would be exciting to note that the two, Alex and her mother, are television co-hosts. From her several marriages with Benard Dean, she has given birth to another two children, Jerzey and Mason. Her eldest daughter, Amarah has already given her a granddaughter, Charlie Rose.

Image of Alex Martin with her mother Whoopi Goldberg

Alex Martin with her mother, Whoopi Goldberg

Alex Martin Net Worth

She is both a producer and an actor. Her breakthrough in the acting career was when she played the role of a classroom kid in the movie, Sister. It would, however, be difficult to compare the success of Martin’s mother with hers. It is quite evident that Alex has had a successful career, but she is yet to reach the bar set by her mother.

The net worth of Alex Martin is currently still being reviewed. All the same, the latest estimates show that the lady has made quite some fortune over the years. Alex grew up in the New York City. Her parents provided her with all the comforts she needed.

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