Wicked Tuna Cast Salary and Net Worth.

Wicked Tuna is one of the best reality TV shows aired by National Geographic Channel. The show is all about the lives of fishermen who go out on dangerous fishing trips to catch tuna fish. Tuna fishing is a daily activity for many fishermen hailing from Gloucester.

Many people are always looking to gain access or rather get information about lives of celebrities. We always try to know what these celebrities make per month or per year, and what they do. We want to know their salary and their net worth. In this article, we shall find out more about the whole cast of Wicked Tuna salary, and net worth.

Wicked Tuna cast salary and Net Worth

In fact, it is easy to know the net worth of any celebrity. The fans have now more than ever become obsessed with the materialistic, affluent, lifestyle of celebrities, especially the ones they see on reality TV shows.

For many people, when a new movie is to be released, the first thing that creeps into people’s minds is the salaries for actors and actresses, the revenue that the movie has accrued, as well as how much the producer is taking home.

On many occasions, box office movies have topped the charts and made more than $1 billion. You will realize that the movie did not create any wow factors to the viewers, but many were surprised by the amount of revenue the movie made.

Wicked Tuna Cast Salary Net Worth short-bio

Caption:- Wicked Tuna Cast is in action trying to cash tuna fish.

The value and quality of movie were not taken into consideration when critics were grading the movie. People’s main focus is the profit, and one can say that money does not control the society.

People wonder how much others are making, and many others worry about how much they have in their accounts. Further, people worry more about how much others have. Wicked Tuna appears to be very successful, but did the show make the cast some good fortune? Here are the casts of Wicked Tuna, their salaries, and net worth.

Wicked Tuna cast Tyler McLaughlin net worth and salary per episode

Tyler was born and raised in Rye Harbor, England. He developed an interested in fishing at a tender age of two. Together with his father, they would go for fishing trips. Currently, Tyler McLaughlin net worth is $400,000.  There is no information regarding his salary, but rumor has it that Wicked Tuna casts receive between $2000 and $3000 per episode.

Dave Carraro net worth and salary per episode

Just like Tyler, Dave used to fish with his father and family when he was young. He caught his first fish when he was seven years old. During his teen, he caught his first tuna fish, while living in New Jersey. He has a net worth of $600,000. Dave Carraro salary per episode is $8300.

Paul Hebert net worth and salary per episode

Paul is a commercial fisherman as well as a reality TV show star who started fishing at a very tender age. Paul Hebert net worth is $400,000.  There is currently no information about his salary.

Dave Marciano net worth and salary per episode

Dave is an active cast member in Wicked Tuna. He joined the show since its inception in 2012. The 552-year-old Dave Marciano has a net worth of $500,000.

TJ Ott Net worth and salary per episode

Captain owns a ship called Hot Tuna. He has been a cast in the show since 2012. Wicked Tuna cast TJ Ott net worth of $2 Million

Wicked Tuna TJ Ott Net Worth

Brad Krasowski

Authoritative sites estimate Brad Krasowski’s net worth to be over $100,000. He has earned quite a lot from the reality show, “Wicked Tuna” and fishing success.

Mike Rowe net worth and salary per episode

Rower net worth stands at $45 million. His salary is 10k per episode.

The show started in 2012. It shows viewers what goes on when fishermen are at sea. They face a lot of difficulties just to catch Bluefin tuna fish.

The fish can weigh as much as 1000 pounds and may cost up to $20,000, and with such an amount up for grabs, it is a competitive game.

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