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Action Bronson Net Worth and Source of Income

As of 2018, his net worth stands at 7.5 million dollars. You may be wondering how Bronson earns his income and how much he makes, well, initially he was not famous at all, even with a net worth of 7.5 million dollars. He used to be an employee in his father’s restaurants in New York. One day, he hurt his leg while in the hotel kitchen and chose to focus on music.

Action Bronson's Net Worth wiki bio

Caption:- Action Bronson’s Net Worth is $7.5 Million

Working at his dad’s restaurant influenced his way of rapping because a lot of his rap verses are based on food.  He is a professional chef who happens to rap.  Even with such a high net worth, Bronson remains a humble individual.  He still resides in the same neighborhood he was born and brought up.  His hometown is Flushing Queens. Queens has people from all walks of life, different languages and culture, more diverse than any other place in the world.  Therefore, while growing up, Bronson learned a lot about other people’s culture.

He debuted into the world of music through his show gourmet cooking show- Action in The Kitchen, but the show was not that successful. However, his second show was called Fuck That’s Delicious which was released in 2016. The show became a major success, and it featured big chefs in the industry such as Michael Voltaggio, Daniel Boulud, and Mario Batali. The show follows him on his trips to different parts of the world as he visits hotels and tastes their dishes.

However, his breakthrough was in 2012, when he was signed by Goliath artists, which is a talent management company that has previously worked with the likes of D12, Eminem, and Cypress Hill. He later signed with Warner Bros Records and released Rare Chandeliers an EP which he did with Alchemist. He joined J Cole and Kendrick Lamar on Eminem’s tour in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia in 2014.

Action Bronson’s net worth over three years

2018 7.5 million dollars
2017 6 million dollars
2016 4 million dollars

Action Bronson actual name

Bronson’s actual name is Arian Asllani. He has a couple of nickname including the following:

  • Bam Bam
  • Bronsoliño
  • Baklava
Action Bronson's name career age wiki bio

Caption:- Action Bronson has three different names.

Action Bronson year of birth and where he hails from

Bronson was born on 2nd December 1983 in New York.

Action Bronson Marital status

Bronson is a Muslim, and he was raised in that culture, for this reason, he has never revealed information about his wife or children to the public.  But he is a married man.

Action Bronson Parents, siblings, and kids

Both his father and mother are alive. His dad is Albanian, and the mother is American Jewish. Branson does not have any brothers or sisters.  Action Bronson has a daughter, and there are not enough sources about his children.

Action Bronson Houses and properties

It is obvious the TV personality has a house. He even posted a 3-minute video of him cooking in his house.

Action Bronson Email address, phone number, and home address

Many people search for the chefs’ email, phone number and address on search engines and social media, but Bronson has never shared any of that with the public. However, he currently lives in Flushing Queen, NY.

Action Bronson Collection of cars

Bronson loves BMW a lot, and hence he has a big collection of BMW models. He is also a collector because most of his BMWs are old. He has even had a tattoo of BMW on his arm.

Action Bronson's lifestyle car collection

Caption:- Action Bronson has expensive car collection.

Action Bronson merchandizes and books

All of his cookbooks can be purchased on Amazon. He has more than 40 recipes. As for merchandise, you can purchase his mugs shirts, phone cases, songs CDs and other items on Amazon.

Action Bronson’s tattoos

The rapper has a lot of tattoos on his body, and so are many other rappers out there.

Action Bronson Social media presence

Action Bronson is active on social media and has a huge following as well.  He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 530k on Facebook, 233k subscribers on YouTube, 334k followers on Twitter and 1300 followers on Google plus. He does not have a Snapchat account yet.

Action Bronson's facebook followers

Caption:- Action Bronson has many followers in social media.

For more information about the chef alias rapper, check out his official website or Wikipedia page.

Action Bronson Education background

The rapper went to Bayside High School NY, but he later left school and worked at his father’s restaurant as a chef.

 Wiki bio for Action Bronson

Full name Arian Asllan
Year of birth 2nd Dec 1983
Place of birth Queens,  New York
Parents Alive
Siblings Unknown
Marital status Married
Kids Daughter
Profession Chef,  Rapper
Net worth $7.5 million
Height 170
Weight 104kg
Eye  color Blue
Hair color Brown
Sexual orientation Straight
Signs of zodiac Unknown

Action Bronson’s quotes

The following are some of Bronson’s best quotes:

I am an honorable individual, I know what things to do and thing not to do.  If I do something wrong, I apologize, I am old enough to do that.

You have to treat the restaurant business like a baby.  You have to be there all the time.  You cannot leave it to someone else, because no one loves it more than you do.

The first rappers I ever met were Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, and Nas. These are the people, the people who flipped my wig.

If I would write a song dedicate to a woman, then I would write a song to my mum, she has always been there for me since day one.  She has to be the one, either my mother or my daughter.

My father has influenced me a lot to be honest.  He would get me into his car to hear Queen, Carlos Santana. I would also here all the band he grew up listening.  He was also a band member.

Camron and Kool G Rap are my main influence.  If you mixed these individuals, I wish that was me. However, this is my voice, I do not sound like any other person, I sound me.

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