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From a nursing career to acting and managing TV shows, this lady has seen it all, encompassing all the spectrums the life has to offer. Alma Wahlberg is one such lady who knows how to keep a low profile yet maintain the honorable status among bigger names in the industry. Here’s a little peek into her lifestyle, the family drama and obviously, money…lots and lots of money.

Birth and early life

Alma McPeck (her birth name) was born on May 6th, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The details about her parents are quite unknown as they haven’t been brought to light in the public domain. However, it is stated that her ethnicity is a mixture of Scottish, Irish, French-Canadian and English, and above all her nationality is purely American.

Her early life has been nothing more than a stereotypical house story. Living a simple life, she knew that doing the regular stuff wasn’t going to cut it. So she stepped up from her bank clerk job and moved on to become a nurse’s aide which enabled her to know more about people and their psyche.

Marriage and children

Things took a good turn when Alma McPeck became Alma Wahlberg after her marriage with Donald Edward Wahlberg Sr. on November 20th, 1965. The couple had nine children namely, Mark Wahlberg, Debbie Wahlberg, Michelle Wahlberg, Tracey Wahlberg, Arthur Wahlberg, Jim Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg. The mantle of responsibility was quite high for the couple as managing the upbringing of nine children in the tight quarters on Dorchester street wasn’t an easy task. Although Alma Wahlberg is famously known as the mother of the Academy Award Nominee Mark Wahlberg and Chef Paul Wahlberg, her success isn’t only limited to being the mother of the Wahlberg clan.

alma wahlberg family Mark, Paul and Donnie Wahlberg

Caption:-Picture of Alma Wahlberg with her family.

Divorce and the life ahead

Although the events circumventing around the family’s rise to fame was still under process, a blunder shattered the very foundation of the Wahlberg family. The pious husband-wife relation between Alma Wahlberg and Donald Wahlberg Sr. was laid to waste in 1982 due to some personal problems. Not much has ever been told to the public because of Alma’s strict protocols regarding the family privacy. As far as Donald Wahlberg’s life is concerned, he was a United States Army veteran and was on the Korean War too. He also acted in the movie Southie, Donald Wahlberg died on February 14th, 2008. His sons attended his funeral as they finally laid their father to rest in peace.

alma wahlberg age net worth family

Caption:- Picture of Alma Wahlberg with Paul

Second marriage

In 1984, after moving on with her life, Alma Wahlberg married Mark Conroy. This time, however, the couple had no children together yet they continue to live in harmony and togetherness. Alma Wahlberg hasn’t been seen declaring anything from her personal life into the public. As we already know, she wants to keep a low profile.

Restaurant management

Even though the proud mother stays away from public speaking and controversies. She is often seen cracking jokes and sharing a laugh with the diners at her sons’ restaurant Alma Nove, where she works as a hostess and a generous greeter. The family restaurant business has expanded exponentially. And the reviews are decent enough to send more and more hungry bellies, filled, happily home.

alma wahlberg family resturant

Caption:- Alma Wahlberg also owns a Family restaurant.

The fan base of the restaurant enabled the family to start a food truck in Dorchester. On the inauguration day nearly 500 people, despite facing bad weather conditions, gathered around the food truck to receive the very first batch of street food. While Alma was busy greeting and hosting the fans of the restaurant as well as the TV show, sons Mark and Paul were seen signing autographs and clicking pictures with the fans.

Acting career and TV

Apart from all the ups and downs, Alma had to face previously. A ray of hope came in the form of a TV show Anderson in which she played a prominent role. Her role in the show was well accepted by both critics and fans alike, and later she got the series Anderson Live in 2011. That’s not all; her success rose to new heights when she started the A&E show “Wahlburgers” in 2014.

This show became a boon for her career as she saw an expansion in her fan base. Among the 500 people who gathered during the family’s food truck inauguration day, most of them were the fans of the TV series as well as the restaurant, and they sure showed their undying support and love for the boss.

Talking about being a boss, Chef Paul Wahlberg is the actual boss of the restaurant Alma Nove, but whenever he gets the chance to tell the people who the real boss is, he genuinely points out towards his mother, Alma. Even the staff knows the fact that when Alma is around, she’s the one in charge.

Twisted Fate

Life has never been easy for us humans, same was the case with Alma. On September 2nd, 2003, the Wahlberg family lost one of its dearest members, the oldest daughter Debbie Wahlberg. Peculiar enough, the very same day saw the birth of Mark Wahlberg’s daughter Ella Rae Wahlberg. The family wasn’t in good shape as the loss of a loved one was very painful indeed.

Net worth and income

Talking about the final thing which governs a person’s life in this generation, you guessed it, money. Estimated net worth of the head of the Wahlberg family is not more than one million dollars. That’s a generous revenue given the fact that her sons own a restaurant chain and her acting career has given her a decent sum of money. This only shows that the lady is down to earth and a generous person. No mention of her source of income has been seen yet as again, the protocols!!

alma wahlberg wiki bio age net worth

Caption:- Alma Wahlberg’s Net Worth is yet Unknown

Alma Wahlberg continues to inspire women around herself; her hard work has paid off in ways nobody could’ve ever imagined. Surely one would say she is a proud mother, a leader and a very generous person who knows the value of family. Cheers!!

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