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Amanda Cerny Earning, Net Worth, boyfriend, plastic surgery, wiki

Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny

Hot and gorgeous Amanda Cerny is former Playboy model, actress, TV personality, and social media star. No doubt she rose to fame with modeling however her career took off when she started the funny vine and youtube videos. In the process, she gained over 4.6M vine followers and collecting over 2.8M in her two youtube channels combined. Further, she has showcased her social presence with whopping 17.2M Instagram followers.

Likewise her profession she gets attention regarding her dating life and family matters. In past, she has been a constant focal point for the relationship with famous celebrities. Also, there is speculation surrounding her incredible physique consist of plastic surgery. We will bring all the information and answers beginning with her earning and net worth.

Amanda Cerny Net Worth and earning

As of 2017, Amanda Cerny has an estimated net worth of $500K. A Large chunk of her net worth is accumulated from her youtube channels. She has two channels named “Amanda Cerny” and “AmandaCernyVlogs” which collectively generate an estimated yearly earning of $300k. Her channels have racked up total over 151M views. She collects an estimated daily earning of $862 and monthly earning around $25K from her youtube channels.

Amanda Cerny Net Worth= $500K
Amanda Cerny Youtube Net Worth and Earning(Estimated)
Yearly earning = $300K
Monthly earning = $25K
Daily earning= $862

Youtube Net Worth is estimated according to data collected in 2017.

Amanda Cerny dating, boyfriend, and Past affairs

Amanda has some high profile affairs with famous celebrities with Justin Biber in the list. She was in a romantic relationship with actor/comedian Dane Cook in 2011. The pair were seen enjoying together in several places. They were even spotted with the affectionate display when they were sharing smooches and hugs in Hawaii. It looked like a real relationship in making. After several months of dating, the pair parted in a mutual term.

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Amanda Cerney and boyfriend Dane Cook
Caption: Amanda Cerny and her boyfriend Dane Cook
Photo Source:

Amanda dated Vine star King Bach in 2015. The pair worked on different projects together while maintaining their relationship side by side.

Unfortunately, the pair ended their relationship. The reason for them to separate is not known but they ended at mutual consent. More recently pair is seen sharing a snap of each other in Instagram. For those wondering if they are dating again, don’t get excited, they are just friends.


Baby bach!

A post shared by Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) on

Most high profile name in the list of this beauty is Justin Biber. The pair hooked up during the later part of 2016. The news of pair dating came as a wildfire when this beauty posted a video of her hanging out with R&B singer, Justin Biber. The pair were seen singing and dancing during Karaoke night date with duo all cozy and in a playful mood. Before the relationship could take a further step it ended like everyone guess.

Amanda Cerny dating Justin Biber
Caption: Amanda Cerny all cozy with Justing Biber putting arms around her neck
Photo Source: Pinterest 

As for now, she is not dating anyone, content on single life with more focused on the profession.

Amanda Cerny and Plastic Surgery

Thanks to modern day technology and surgical procedure women can achieve shape and structure they want to have. The trend is popular among celebrities too. Despite having an exceptional body the hunger to have perfectness makes it appealing among them. Question is if this American model Amanda Cerny has gone through Plastic Surgery too.

Breast Augmentation: Clever internet gigs has noticed her bigger boobs in recent photos. No wonder they are quick to compare with her past photos and has noticed the difference. The variation in her boob size could be due to reasons like the use of different bra types and sizes. As for the fact she is well known for bigger boobs.

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Liposuction: Cerny is a fitness personality, her regular workout and diet control has helped her gain abs and exceptional figure. Rumors of Liposuction is true but for a person regularly enjoying healthy food and Gym doesn’t seem a fair one. Amanda Cerny is well capable of removing fat in an organic way.

Lip fillers:  Her new photo shows bigger lips but it’s not a rocket science just the clever use of Lipstick. So, it makes sense for having thicker pouty lips.

Wiki like Bio on Amanda Cerny

Born on 26th, June 1991, in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She has a height of 5 ft and 5 in (1.7m). During her young tender age, she and her sister Samantha moved to Florida where she was raised and gained high school and college education. She went to Florida State University.

Amanda’s beauty and genetically blessed structure helped her gain a status in a modeling career. Her breakthrough came when she was chosen as Playboy Playmate of the Month for the month of October in 2011. She then turned her modeling career into a successful Vine star and a Youtuber.

Amanda is more than a beautiful face, she has got a big heart. She is the CEO/founder of the Play Foundations which vision to fulfill the needs and voice of needy children. The slogan of the organization is “Let the Children Play”. Also, she is constantly involved in charitable events and donation.

Besides famous as a model and social media star she has also her root spreading in Movies and TV series like The Deleted (2016), Adam Devine’s House Party(2016), The Bet(2016). She is currently busy with numbers of project lined up.

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