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Amy Allan Married to Husband or Dating a Boyfriend? Her Age, Net Worth, Divorce, and Wiki-Bio

Amy Allan is a renowned Paranormal Investigator, Healer, Physical Medium, and Open-Minded Skeptic. Amy has been a Medium who does necromancy for many years, and it greatly facilitated her paranormal studies. They encompass sociology, sleep disorders, psychology, and sleep – not to mention diverse religious beliefs. In her paranormal studies, she was tested by diverse agencies including detectives and Parapsychologists, etc. Her interest increased more and more, and she even combined science and spiritualism to get into the depth of things. In the years that she has been investigating, her experience has highly increased and currently offers paranormal services to the public. Even detectives and civil servants seek her guidance and services regarding their professions. Amy helps people to understand what kind of abilities they have and how they can use them to serve excellently in their careers.  Her Paranormal studies have landed her some roles on TV shows. Consequently, she has been featured in TLC, Discovery Channel, and CBS. Furthermore, she casts shows and serves as a consultant for infamous media houses and production companies.

Apart from working as a medium, she has also studied medicine. Amy found out that she can apply her psychometric ability in treating living people. To top it all, Amy has studied Zen Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Thai Yoga massage, Asian medicine, and Western massage. She is featured in The Dead Files on The Travel Channel.

Dead Files Amy Allan dating a boyfriend, Rob Traegler. Any marriage plans or engagement?

Amy has also refused to comment whether she is currently dating, but out of the thorough investigation, it has been established that she is currently dating her boyfriend, Rob Traegler.

The duo met in 2011 when casting The Dead Files; they fell for each other and became an item. Rob is a movie director, and he has been actively involved in the TV industry since 2005. He has worked in famous shows like The Dr. Phil Show, Deep Fried, and Paranormal State alongside Dead Files.

Image of Amy Allan boyfreind (Rob Traegler)

Amy Allan boyfriend, Rob Traegler

Amy Allan ex-husband Mathew Anderson. What caused the split?

Amy was previously married to her former husband Matthew Anderson for a short time, and then they broke up and divorced citing ideological differences.

They signed divorce papers in 2013 and went their separate ways. However, they kept it to themselves out of the public limelight. They do not even respond to questions that are posed to them about their previous marriage.

Image of Amy Allan with her ex-husband Mathew Anderson

Amy Allan was married to her ex-husband Mathew Anderson

Amy Allan Career details, TV show

Amy is a renowned American celebrity who debuted her TV career in 2011 when she appeared in Dead Files – that was aired on Travel Channel network. She stars in that show which gave her fame unlike the other shows and TV shows that she had appeared in previously. Dead Files is a thriller show that revolves around murder and detective investigation to uncover what transpired.

Amy Allan Net Worth, Salary, Sources of income

Amy’s salary and net worth are unknown because of her stealth nature. The public gets to know only what she has exposed to them. However, the show is running profitably and successfully, and consequently, she makes some good dough from it. She fully relies on the show for her income, but she has also invested elsewhere in other projects. Her salary and net worth are still concealed, but they are expected to shoot in the coming years, as her TV career continues to grow.

How old is Amy Allan from Dead Files? Know her age, birthday, birthdate

Amy’s birthday is always on the 31st of May, and she is currently 44 years old. She was born on May 31, 1973. Her mother also had spirit encounters which trickled down from her grandfather.

Amy Allan Wiki-bio, family

Amy Allan was born on May 31, 1973, in Denver, Colorado, USA. She went to the University of Arizona and pursued a degree in Psychology, and she graduated. Amy started experiencing the spirit world at an early age of 4 years – a trait that she inherited from her mother and grandfather. She was married to Matthew Anderson for a short time, but they later fell out and divorced. They kept the matter hidden, and no details were released about it. However, it is purported that the fell out due to ideological differences, but they had not yet sired children. Afterward, Amy met her current boyfriend Rio in 2011 when casting Dead Files, and they fell in love. Currently, the duo is in a relationship even as confirmed by some pictures that she posted on her Instagram account. She does not disclose anything about her family, and her parents and siblings are still concealed. Only scanty information about her mother and grandfather has reached the media circles.

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