Pat Bowlen and wife Annabel Bowlen: know more about these two partners. What about children?

Many will remember or know Pat Bowlen as ex-CEO of Denver Broncos but he holds far bigger picture than an employee. In fact, Pat Bowlen is the person who brought a new mentality to the Denver Broncos football. The football, the winning mentality, the noise that buzz around the stadium and unimaginable happiness to the fans, all thanks to this man of vision, the master mind behind the show ‘Pat Bowlen’. But for every successful person, there is someone who holds immense contribution. Pat Bowlen has a similar story in his life. The person for Pat’s success is no other than his beloved wife Annabel Bowlen. So, let’s find more about pairs like their relationship and children. What about the previous wife?

Pat Bowlen and wife Annabel Bowlen

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Pat Bowlen and now wife Annabel Bowlen Dating to love and Marriage

A long lasting relationship isn’t made out of thin air. It needs understanding, likeness, passion, and love for each other. Well, Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen shares a similar story. The pair first met in Edmonton Canada. At the time Pat was a successful attorney and Annabel was a  grade school teacher. There was a spark between Pat and Anna and they started seeing more of each other. It didn’t take long for the pair to turn that spark into the relationship as they fall in love. The pair moved back to America and get married there. But for Pat, this wasn’t the first time he was tying the knot with women. He has previous failed marriage with ex-wife Sally Parker. Sally moved on after separating with husband Pat as she married NFL player Don Parker. Pat’s ex-wife is currently single after the death of her husband Don.

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen Children

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen has three daughters and two sons together. John and Patrick Bowlen are two sons, and Brittany, Annabel, Christianna Bowlen are three daughters from the pair. Pat Bowlen has two daughters from marriage with ex-wife Sally Parker. The daughters are Jane Beth Bowlen Wallace and Anie Bowlen Klemmer. Pat’s three children John, Brittany, and Jane has worked at Denver Bronchos but currently, they have not involved in any work related activities at Bronchos. Only children involved with Broncos is Patrick Bowlen who works as facilities coordinator with the team’s stadium management company.

Patt Bowlen family

Caption: Bowlen family during the ceremony honoring Patt Bowlen with his own statue

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Moreover one of the seven children will lead the Denver Bronchos in future. In 2014, team president Ellis told;

“Pat developed a plan to keep the Broncos in the Bowlen family; it’s part of his estate plan, He’s put the team in a trust, and he has asked me to run it. And I will do that.”

Annabel Bowlen a wife any husband will look for

Pat Bowlen has got a leading figure in wife Annabel. From working as grade school teacher to helping other people as a social worker, Annabel Bowlen is all hands for those the needy person. In fact, she is the founder of Cherish The Children Guide organization. This organization helps to raise fund for the beacon youth and family center. Furthermore, this organization provides mental health service for the families.

Besides, her social works she is also a popular figure among Denver football fans. After her husband, Pat step down from CEO of Denver Broncos in 2014 due to effects of Alzheimer’s disease, Annabel has been a supportive and inspirational wife. She has been mostly busy with her activities and works with Denver Broncos. She is more of an inspirational figure for all the Broncos family. Pat, definitely would be proud of her.

Annabel Bowlen

Caption: Annabel Bowlen an inspirational figure for Denver Broncos


After Denver Broncos won Lamar Hunter Trophy in 2016 Annabel was thankful to the players, coaches and Denver Family and she urged the team to win Super Bowl trophy for her husband Pat,

“On behalf of my husband, Pat, and the Bowlen family, I want to congratulate John Elway, coach Kubiak, our players, and most importantly, the most incredible fans in the NFL,[I am] so honored to accept the Lamar Hunter trophy and represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50, Let’s get it done for Pat and Go Broncos!”

Later, Denver Broncos go on to win Super Bowl 2016.

More on Pat Bowlen

Born on February 18, 1944, Pat Bowlen is a millionaire from famous Bowlen family, the same Bowlen family who invested money in Candian Oil Bussiness and became Millionaire. Pat’s full name is Patrick Dennis Bowlen. He served as CEO Denver Broncos after Bowlen family purchased the club from  Edgar Kaiser in 1984. After initially having memory issue in 2009, he later step down from the post of Denver Broncos CEO in 2014 due to the effect of Alzheimer’s disease. Pat Bowlen has an estimated net worth of $1B.


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