Bar Rescue Cast Net Worth and Salary.

Bar Rescue is a favorite reality TV show which first aired on 17th July 2011 on Spike TV. The show is still ongoing and airs on  Paramount Network. The show features the star Jon Taffer and his team.

Together with his group, Jon flips bars and restaurants that are struggling to grow and turn them into success.

The show has influenced the lives of its cast members,  and in this review, we’re going to check out each cast member’s net worth and salary.

Bar rescue Jon Taffer net worth per episode

Jon Taffer is a business mogul and a restaurateur. Through his works and involvement in different fields, he has managed to make a fortune for himself.  As of 2018, Jon Taffer net worth is $10 million.

Jon Taffer net worth roots from his equally incredible salary estimated to be more a six digit number. He has his firm called Tafffer Dynamics Inc.  He has also done consultancy for different firms.

He is known for purchasing old bars and restaurants and helping them to grow. He has helped over 600 business around the world. He appeared on the show Bar Rescue on Spike TV in 2011.

Nicole Taffer Net Worth and salary

Nicole has grown to become one of the best undercover agents in the US. She is a cast member of the show Bar Rescue.  

In the show, her role is to brave lousy services, drinks,  unsanitary conditions as well as microwaved food. Nicole Taffer’s net worth is $300,000 that comes from her handsome salary of tolerating all the said things on her job.

Joseph Brooke Net Worth

Joseph Brooke is one of the expert mixologists on Paramount’s “ Bar Rescue,” a semi-reality TV show which helps transform old bars into their best visual standards.

He has worked in renowned bars like Copa d’Ora, Mixology 101, The Edison and Next Door Lounge but he is currently working for a lesser known but still a landmark Formosa bar in LA.

He mixology career and his participation in the show must help add up to pretty significant net worth. However, it is still under review just like his salary.

Bar Rescue Cast Nancy Hadley Net Worth

Nancy js a designer and artist for bars,  restaurants, and nightclubs. She boasts of vast experience as a renovation expert. She always strives to deliver the best and brings creativity to the science of design. Nancy Hadley Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Also,  she is an outstanding sculptor,  trained painter, artist, model maker.  She has helped flip hundreds of bar and restaurants,  homes, bars, businesses, and museums, under a small budget and shortest time on TV.  

She owns a company called Nancy Hadley’s FAC. She offers excellent solutions for any design issue.

Jessie Barnes Net Worth & Salary.

Jessie grew up in clubs and bars.  Note that at this age she had never taste alcohol or sneak into parties. He father Marc Barnes owns a club called Love and The Park,  which was initially called King of DC’ clubs.

Jessie became used to these places,  learning and working hard so that she could one day run her family’s business.

The knowledge and skills landed her a role in the show Bar Rescue by Spike TV.  This program uses industry experts to try and turn them around and prevent them from shutting down.

Barnes got the job of a service expert.  She has appeared in several episodes, and she ’s also in the third season.

Jessie Barnes net worth is a little over $200k and an annual salary of more than $40,000.

Brian Duffy Net Worth & Salary.

Brian is well known for his appearance in the show Bar Rescue on Spike TV.  He tours the country with other cast members to reform failing bars and restaurants.  His style is “ tell it like it is. “

He made his on-camera cameo on the Food Network’s show Date Plate.  He has also been on other station such as DIY Network,  NBC, HGTV, and Fine Living Network. He is also a regular judge at Beat Bobby Flay.

Brian Duffy net worth is around $500k and is salary is still under calculation but estimated to be very high.

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