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Barry Seal was professionally an American airline pilot. He remains popular for two main things. The first one is his drug smuggling career and the second one is his informant role while working for Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Currently, the gentleman is no more. Get to know more about Barry Seal’s cause of death in this article. Also, unveil Barry Seal’s net worth as well as his salary. His family has been on the outlook since his death. In this article, you also get the chance of knowing Barry Seal’s wife, children, and family.

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Barry Seal First Wife, Lynn Ross. Meet His Children and Second Wife

Besides his aircraft and drug smuggling career, Barry Seal’s arms were open to love and relationships. He might have had other relationships in the past but documented here are three crucial relationships in his life as they led to marriage. Meaning, Barry Seal’s wives are three in total, but who are they?

Well, Lynn Ross was Barry Seal’s first wife. They got married in 1963, and their marriage lasted for eight years. Their marriage was blessed with two children, Lisa Seal, and Alder Seal. Unfortunately, things never worked out for the two; hence they divorced and the celebrity remarried.

Barry Seal’s wife, second wife particularly was Barbara Dodson, and their relationship was short-lived since it lasted for a year. After staying single for almost a year, the then father of two found love in the arms of Deborah Dubois popularly known as Debbie.

Image of Barry Seal wife Deborah Dubois

Barry Seal wife, Deborah Dubois

They exchanged vows in 1973 and never separated hence correct to state that Debbie was still Barry Seal’s wife while the man met his unfortunate death. With Debbie, the drug smuggler was blessed with three children namely Dean, Aaron and Christina Seal.

Image of Barry Seal with his wife and with their kids

Barry Seal with his wife and with their kids

Barry Seal Net Worth and Salary

Drug smuggling, although illegal, ranks among the well-paying deals in the society. With this, you can be sure that Barry Seal’s salary was quite substantial. Before unveiling his career how about you first have brief details about his career. Barry Seal did not start as a drug smuggler. He was a pilot as initially stated at the beginning. His competence in the field could not be hidden, and although Barry Seal’s salary from his piloting was a lot, this did not stop him from engaging in drug smuggling. Perhaps, the earning in drug dealings were way more than what he was pocketing.

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At the time of his death, Barry Seal’s salary was quoted as being around $60 million. There is no point of disagreement that he earned an estimated $1,000,000 from a single flight of cocaine transportation. No doubt he was among the wealthiest persons of that time, right? If this was what he pocked can you imagine Barry Seal’s net worth during his last days?

Image of Airline Pilot, Barry Seal net worth is not available

Airline Pilot, Barry Seal net worth is not available

It must have been substantial. This is because the estates he even owned are still thriving today. Unfortunately, sources have not been clear on what Barry Seal’s net worth was as of 1986 when he died. The guy topped the list of the millionaires of those days. However, Barry Seal’s net worth or is it his salary should not be a motivation for you to engage in drug dealings as this will lead you to an early death.

How old is Barry Seal? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

The gentleman was born on 16th July 1939 in Baton Rouge rooted in Louisiana. He succumbed to death on the 19th day of February 1986. With these dates, it is a fact that Barry Seal’s age upon his death was only 47 years. Keep reading to find out his cause of death because he did not die a natural death.

Barry Seal Death Cause

As mentioned, the father of five did not die a natural death. He was also not ailing. Barry Seal’s cause of death was assassination. His assassination was conducted by Colombian men hired by Pablo Escobar. They shot Barry Seal dead in front of the Salvation Army facility where he was sentenced to work.

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In case you didn’t know, Pablo was the head of Medellin Cartel, a drug-dealing company where Seal once worked. He knew too much about the company and was already revealing a lot hence had to be executed.

Wiki, Bio, House

Barry Seal was born of Mary Lou and Benjamin Kurtis Seal. He was an American by nationality who belonged to the white ethnic group. There is no information about his siblings. Before engaging in drug smuggling, Seal was a modest guy who was successful in the aircraft industry. He obtained his pilot certificate while aged 16 and a private certificate a year later.

As a result of his career, he got a chance to work with the TWA. Although Barry Seal’s house details remain hidden, you can easily tell from Barry Seal’s salary that he owns a car worth some huge amount of money.

Quick Facts about Barry Seal

Name Barry Seal
Birthdate July 16, 1939
Birthplace Baton Rouge
Death Date February 19, 1986
Age as of 1986 47
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Drug smuggling
Salary $60 million
Net worth Not Known
Wife Lynn Ross – Divorced

Barbara Dodson – Divorced

Deborah Dubois

Children 5

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