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Carlos Lehder Net Worth, House, Married, Wife, Children, Prison, Bio

If you have heard the name Carlos Lehder anywhere, you’d understand that the guy is no one to be admired. If anything, he serves to teach the deviants what life can be if laws are not followed. Currently imprisoned, Carlos is the co-founder of the drug dealing cartel, Medellin Cartel. Today we unveil not only Carlos Lehder’s salary but his net worth as well. According to rumors, the drug dealer was a family man. Get to know of Carlos Lehder wife and children if this rumor turns out right. Other than this, you will also get an opportunity of knowing more about his life in prison, bio, family, and assets like houses.

Carlos Lehder Net Worth and Earnings

No single drug dealer ever earned little unless he had no mastery in the skill. You can therefore not expect Carlos Lehder’s net worth to be anything less than great. Before getting into much detail about how much he earned, let us have a quick check into his career. He was a nobody before the start of his drug dealing business. Yes, this means that Carlos Lender’s salary was minimal and almost nonexistent since he had no stable job.

He, therefore, decided to begin the drug dealing career which saw his net worth rising annually if not monthly. People remember him for the formation of various rivalry groups including the Muerte a Secuestradores. At some point, he even got shot dead while escaping from a rivalry group that had kidnapped him for ransom.

Image of Drug Lord, Carlos Lehder net worth is $2.7 billion

Drug Lord, Carlos Lehder net worth is $2.7 billion

Before he got imprisoned, Carlos Lehder’s net worth was an estimated $2.7 billion. There is no doubt that the figure is substantial. Its large state should however not motivate you to become a drug dealer lest you end up in jail. Sadly, his salary is not known to date. Perhaps sources will soon be able to give updates about this aspect of his life.

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With the head of the cartel’sC net worth as well as his salary details upon his date of arrest, you can bet on your last coin that he was among the wealthiest person of those days. Were he not in prison, he would have been probably continuing with his drug trafficking business.

Carlos Lehder Married Life with Wife and Daughter

Despite his illegal businesses, the man had feelings. As a result, he was able to fall in love. Until they separated, Lehder’s wife was Jacksonville Fla. There is no information about how they met and when they got married. All speculations indicate that they became acquainted in the drug operation.

It is not clear whether his wife was also a drug trafficker. However, after the arrest of the cocaine smuggler, the lady was also arrested. Her crime was not drug smuggling but managing of the drug operation owned by her husband. Unlike her husband, she was only charged for four years in prison.

Diving more into the personal lives of the drug dealer’s wife before her divorce is left untold. However, it is a fact that she blessed her husband with three children. Among the three children were a daughter and two sons. Since the drug kingpin separated from Jacksonville Fla, there is nothing to tell regarding her.

Image of Carlos Lehder daughter Monica Lehder

Carlos Lehder’s daughter, Monica Lehder

Where is Carlos Lehder?

Unlike most of the people he worked with, Carlos Lehder is not dead. He is in the United States of America. However, you will not find him at any house since the judges sentenced him to prison. He is currently serving time as punishment of the numerous murders he caused as well as the children he harmed through drug trafficking. Many indicate that he is serving life imprisonment. Some, however, suggest that the judge sentenced him to many years behind bars. The reality of the criminal’s fate is in the next section. Therefore, keep reading if you are interested in this detail of Carlos Lehder.

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Carlos Lehder Narcos and Prison Updates

The criminal’s presentation in court in 1987 was not his first encounter with the law. In 1981, Carlos got accused of cocaine trafficking. Somehow, the criminal managed to escape the charges pressed upon him. It did not last long before he got charged again with drug trafficking. This time around, there was no way out.

The guy was sentenced to life imprisonment and given an additional 135 years. Perhaps, the addition seeks to ensure that even when he gets pardoned from his life imprisonment, he will still spend years in jail. You can tell that until the last breath of his life, the guy will remain in prison.

Wiki, Bio

Otherwise known as Joe, the criminal officially identifies as Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas. He is a Colombian by nationality belonging to a mixed ethnicity of Colombia and German. His heritage explains why he has dark brown eyes and hair color. The drug kingpin was born on the 7th day of September 1949 in Armenia rooted in Quindio. Presently, therefore, Lehder’s age is 69.

His father, a German engineer, identifies as Wilhelm Lehder. The name of his mother is unknown, but she was a Colombian school teacher. His parents were not successful in marriage as they divorced when their son was pretty much young.

In as much as we would desire to keep you on the know about his weight, height and body measurements, this is currently impossible. Influencing this is the fact that the guy is in prison and no information about his current measurements are obtainable from any reputable sources. Concerning his education, the guy schooled in Armenia as well as Bogota. All the missing details will sooner than later be updated on this site.

Quick Facts About Carlos Lehder

Name Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas
Age 69
Birthdate September 7, 1949
Birthplace Armenia
Nationality Colombian
Ethnicity Mixed
Mother School teacher
Father Wilhelm Lehder
Siblings None
Career Drug Trafficking
Salary Not Known
Net Worth $2.7 billion
Wife Divorced
Children 3
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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