Is Auctioneer Catherine Southon Married to her Husband and has Children? Her age, Cancer Updates 2018, Net Worth and Salary

Catherine Southon is a renowned television presenter and a British antique expert. She is a common figure on BBC TV where she regularly appears. She is especially known for her show dubbed Bargain Hunt. Ever since he debuted on TV career, she has predominantly dwelt on antiques and consequently hosted shows that talk about them. Other than the aforementioned show, Catherine also hosts other shows like Flog It and Antiques Road Trip. Moreover, she is an auctioneer, and she has been on TV for over a decade. Her wealth of antiques was acquired over a period of 8 years when she was working at Sotheby’s. Initially, she worked in the Collectors Department and cataloged sales before being promoted to head the Scientific Instruments and Maritime Works of Art. Afterward, Catherine became a freelancer assessor and eventually started her auction house in West Wickham, Kent.

Auctioneers Catherine Southon wiki bio

Catherine Southon was born in 1972 but the exact date and month cannot be made up. Similarly, even her birthplace and parents are kept out of the limelight. Her interest in antiques developed in her since childhood because she wanted to become a historian. To top it all, Catherine is a mother of two children and a wife. Though she wanted to become a historian, Catherine had not decided to deal in antiques until when she started auctioning them. It was as a result of continually being surrounded by antiques, which created interest in her. Currently, she lives in Bromley, London with her children as she continues pursuing the antique industry.

Catherine Southon Husband and Children

Catherine Southon has kept almost all details about her family to herself. All the information about her schooling, early life, dating, and so much more is still hidden. She is married, but no one knows Catherine Southon husband and children. All the same, her children have never appeared in public, and she scantily talks about them.

Image of Auctioneer Catherine Southon

Catherine Southon is neither married nor have children; she is still single.

Catherine Southon Age and Cancer Updates

Catherine Southon age is 46 years, and she is infectious like cancer probably because of her stunning beauty. She has a huge following on twitter with a whopping 7k plus followers. Catherine Southon cancer has not yet been confirmed, and she has never been reported to be suffering from any terminal malady.

Catherine Southon Net Worth and Salary

The British Antique expert has tremendous achievements in her career, and that is evidenced by her wealth. Ever since when she debuted her TV career, she has been active all through, and consequently, she has earned desirable returns. She has hosted three shows as highlighted earlier in this article. Furthermore, she is also an expert in antiques with over ten years experience. Both her TV career and her profession have earned her a handsome amount of money. Catherine Southon net worth is $5 million.

Image of Catherine Southon net worth is $5 million

Catherine Southon net worth is $5 million

Due to her high secrecy, Catherine Southon salary remains concealed. She once trended massively on the internet when a prank about her was caught on camera. She and her camera crew were touring Wilton Somerset to talk about some antiques in Bakelite Museum. Suddenly, a necktie sprang up from an old machine and made her scream. She thought that it was indeed a snake.

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