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Christian Stolte Biography; Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Family

Out of the many actors in the movie industry, there are some who have predominantly stood out. One of those exceptional theater personalities is none other than Christian Stolte. The Chicago-based American actor has stood above the pack for his amazing acting skills on stage. His sheer brilliance in the execution of his roles has earned him disreputable fame as well as a huge fan base.

His work in TV shows has earned him global recognition. Today we try to examine the life of this exceptional dramatic artist. Of concern is his biography, net worth, family, if he has a wife or not as well as if he has any children.

Wiki, Biography; How old is Christian Stolte?

Christian Stolte birthdate is 16th October 1962. He was born in St. Louis Missouri, in the United States of America. His age currently is 56 years. His father, John Stolte, is both a mechanical engineer and a guitarist. The father was also a member of a Rock band at one point. This would, eventually, largely influence Christian Stolte to learn and play music at a very tender age. His mother, Anosmia, was a music teacher in the local school of Missouri.

He is the only child of his parents. However, he has four half-siblings from his father’s first marriage. He grew up with two of them. He is an American national of white ethnicity.

He started his education at the Local Solidarity Academy. It was while there that he learned how to play banjo at only the age of six. It is said that his mother helped him greatly in learning how to play the banjo. The Chicago actor has also been a great fan of American football. In his High school days, he played for the school team as a back.

Besides learning and playing football, he was also a member of a pop band back then. Also, he played guitar solos within the vicinity and performed in some music concerts within his proximity. It was during this time that began to get some regular roles. This would, however, result to him spending more time in theaters than in his college. This continued for a while until finally, he had to drop from college in his 3rd year. This was because he got some off-Broadway roles in plays like “The Count of Tuscany,” “Harry and His Mates,” “Some Sad Day,” “Pillenna Course,” and others.

At this time, he was starting to become famous especially around Illinois.  It was then that it At this point, he was starting to become famous especially around Illinois.  It was then that it is believed he left the theater, went back to college and did a diploma in theater course. This was meant to better his chances in the industry as well as to get the required skills which were needed to boost his career. Unfortunately, his leaving the scene of acting career cost him his fame hence at one point, he hardly had anyone to do.

“At one point, I even thought about giving up in acting. There seemed to be no job for me” he said at one point.

During this difficult period if his career, he supported himself financially by playing his guitar in pubs. He also did some part-time jobs in hotels and many other such-like jobs.

After completing his studies, he went back to the theater. Unfortunately for him, he had lost all the connections he had and that even complicated things for him. His turning point, however, would come in 1977. An old friend of him approached him and requested him to star in a play called “Canus Lunis Balloonis.” The play was to be staged at the Red Orchid Theater in Chicago.

Image of Christian Stolte from Chicago Fire Show
Christian Stolte from Chicago Fire Show

Delighted at the opportunity, Christian Stolte grabbed the chance and played a major role in the play. This debut performance was just what he needed to set the right foot into acting. He won the Joseph Jefferson Award for New Work. It was at this point that numerous job opportunities started opening up for him. In 1999, he played a minor role in the movie by the name “Stir of Echoes.”

In 2006, the Chicago movie star would get another opportunity to feature in the movie “Stranger than Fiction.” He later played the character of the correction officer, Keith Stolte, in the TV series “Prison Break.” This has become one of the roles that have made him a household name. In 2009, he portrayed the role of Charles Makley in the movie “Public Enemies.” It was also in the same year when he was seen acting the character of Clarence Darby in the movie “Law Abiding Citizens.”

He has featured in other movies like The Onion’s Web series “Lake Dredge Appraisal” where starred as the chief appraiser. Currently, Cristian Stolte portrays Randy McHolland (Mouch) in the NBC series Chicago Fire.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

His weight stands at 65kgs while his height is 5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm).

Image of Christian Stolte height is 5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm).
Christian Stolte height is 5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm).

Christian Stolte Married Life with Wife and Children.

Despite being so popular, Christian Stolte has kept his private life completely in the dark. There is hardly any information on whether he is married and if he is, who is his wife. However, there is a high likely hood that he is a married man.

In one of his posts on Twitter, he talked about his two children have made a little movie which people liked. He appears to call on his fans to like the movie too. This might mean two things. One, he is a married man. Two, he has children, at least two daughters.

There have not been any rumors about any divorce in his life or even issues too with extra-marital affairs. This might probably be because he has not been through any.

He has also never talked about his sexual orientation, but it’s unlikely that he is gay.

All these remain just but speculations. Hopefully, his true status will be revealed soon.

 Christian Stolte Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Christian Stolte has earned himself much income from his movie appearances and TV shows. Having featured in so many movie series, the Chicago actor’s net worth has been greatly boosted. Currently, his estimated net worth stands at $4 million. That is as of 2018.

Image of Actor, Christian Stolte net worth is $4 million
Actor, Christian Stolte net worth is $4 million

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