Dave Hester Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Fired, Death rumors, and Wiki-Bio.

Dave Hester who is distinguishably known as “The Mogul,” is an infamous TV personality, as well as an auctioneer. However, there are some fishy things that roam around his reputation. Hester has previously been known for some dubious things: out of his ambitious nature. When he was on “Storage Wars,” he was involved in some upheavals for being at loggerheads with Darrell and Brandon Sheet. Let’s find out Dave Hester’s married life with wife and children. Also know about his net worth, salary, and death rumors.

Dave Hester Wiki bio

Dave Hester, Storage Wars star was born on July 23, 1964, in Camp Pendleton Marine Corps, Oceanside, California, USA. He was born in a mixed ethnicity family of a Mexican mother, and a German and Irish descent father. His father was a former soldier cum auctioneer, not to mention that he was a trained collector. Dave never had a penchant for education, and when his agemates were enrolling in colleges, he was interested in auctions. Since he is a chip off the old block, he took his cue from his father, and he made auctioneering his full-time job.

Is Dave Hester fired from Storage Wars? What is he doing now?

News about “Dave Hester fired” struck everyone very hard. Ever since his childhood passion for auctions, he continued pursuing it until it landed him great opportunities. Out of his determination to make money through auctioneering, Dave was spotted by media station owners. Consequently, he was inducted into TV shows. He started being featured in Storage Wars Dave, which was a TV series that gave him some considerable amount of money. From then onwards, Dave became a reality TV show icon, and he continued appearing consecutively. He signed contracts, and after expiring, he renewed them again, and that is how he accumulated his wealth. Dave had been in the TV series for three seasons, but he was fired in the fourth one in 2012.

However, he was not happy about it and instead, he lamented and said that the company was unfair. To add salt to the injury, he did not stop at lamenting verbally. He sought arbitrary measures and filed a lawsuit against the show. Dave sued the show for wrongful dismissal and demanded $750,000, but they later solved that case amicably. That amount was for punitive damages, not to mention general damages. He was reinstated later in 2014, and that is what happened to Dave Hester.

Dave Hester married to wife, Donna Hester, and Children

Dave Hester is a married man, but he conceals a lot of information about his family. Not much is known about his family and his private life. Nevertheless, Dave Hester wife is called Donna Hester, but their history is unknown.

Image of Dave Hester with his wife Donna Hester

Dave Hester with his wife, Donna Hester

Their dating life and when they tied the knot cannot be made up. Together they have a son called Dave Jr., and he is the manager of his business, not to mention his online platform. Hester inducted his son into his auctioneering business, and thus, he was brought to the limelight. However, Donna is still kept behind the scene, and the only scanty information is known about her. Dave Hester children are just but one son: unless there are others who have remained concealed. He appeared with his wife on July 23, 2016, during the Zombie Walk, dressed like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump zombies. He has shared his wife’s photos on Instagram time and again to express his love for her.

Dave Hester Net Worth, Salary, Age, Death rumors

Out of the many years that he has actively been involved in auctioneering, Dave Hester has accumulated a lump sum amount of wealth. Dave Hester net worth is approximated to be $4 million.

Image of Dave Hester net worth is $4 Million

Dave Hester net worth is $4 Million

When he looks at what he has done, and how much he has accumulated when he has been in auctioneering, he cannot regret. His hard work in auctioneering gave him an opportunity to be featured on TV shows. Dave Hester age is 53 years, and he knew what he wanted right from his childhood. Therefore, he did not waste his time schooling. Instead, he set the ball rolling, and he invested in auctioneering right from his teenage. This is a trade that he learned from his father, and he natured it to become his full time and lifelong profession. Dave Hester death was just but a hoax – which is not unique to him. Celebrities are prone to such hoaxes, and they are used to them.

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