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David Eigenberg Wife, Married, Net Worth, Measurements, Family, Wiki

Image of Chicago Fire David Eigenberg wife, married, net worth, measurements, family, wiki

When it comes to charming actors, David Eigenberg will top the list. As a result, fans, you included, have been eager to know more about his early life. Influenced by this, this article was created.

Although it aims at unveiling David Eigenberg’s net worth, it will also reveal the guy’s age, weight, height, and family. Speaking of family, wouldn’t it be interesting to get to know of David Eisenberg’s wife? I bet it would. How about we kick off with this section which will not only capture his wife but his children if at all he has any?

David Eigenberg Married to Wife, Chrysti Eigenberg. Any Children?

No! The Hollywood actor is not single. He is taken and worse still he is past the dating stage as he is married to a wonderful woman. Chrysti Eigenberg is the name of David Eigenberg’s wife. It is not known when the two met, but it is believed that they went in one of the many occasions. Without hesitating, they expressed their feelings and began dating. It was in 2002 that Chrystibecame David Eigenberg’s wife officially.

Image of David Eigenberg with his wife Chrysti Eigenberg

David Eigenberg with his wife, Chrysti Eigenberg

Since then the two have been enjoying happily married life. Attributing to this assumption is the close to zero cases of relationship scandals between the duo. Also, the photos the actor posts on his social media pages like Instagram prove that they are indeed enjoying their life as a couple. We hope that the love they share remains as strong as it is or grows to be much stronger.

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So far, the queen has been able to bless the star with two wonderful children — their firstborn who is a son and identifies as Louie Steven was born on 19th January 2009. As for the second child, she was a girl and is called Mryna Belle. She was born on the 31st of January 2014. Essential to denote is that at the time they were meeting David Eigenberg’s wife was working at the army in Virginia.

David Eigenberg Net Worth and Salary

Reports indicate that the star owns a classy house in Naperville in Illinois. With this, you are not expecting David Eigenberg’s net worth to be anything less right? Before getting there, let’s first take a look at is his income. Well, David Eigenberg’s salary is not known. Luckily what he pickets in regards to net worth is known. According to Celebrity net worth, David Eigenberg’s net worth as of 2018 is an estimated $6 million. With this, it is easy to tell that his salary is also substantial. David Eigenberg’s net worth is as a result of the huge salary he earns from his acting career.

Image of Actor, David Eigenberg net worth is $6 million

Actor, David Eigenberg net worth is $6 million

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

He is a relatively slim gentleman with an oval-shaped face. About his height, the man measures 1.76 meters tall which is 5 feet and 7 inches. As for his weight, he is about 64 kilograms. Just in case you are also interested in knowing the actor’s eye color as well his hair color, we got you on that. The man has a blue eye color, and concerning his hair color, it is in the shade light brown. In as much as we would desire to disclose to you details of his shoe size, this seems a challenging nut to crack as the celebrity has not unveiled this information to the public.

Image of Chicago Fire cast, David Eigenberg height is 5 feet 7 inches

Chicago Fire cast, David Eigenberg height is 5 feet 7 inches

David Eigenberg Age, Birthdate, Birthplace

How old do you think the star is? Is it 40? is it 50? Well, the answer is not far from the latter. Based on his wiki, as of 2018, David Eigenberg’s age is only 54. This is because 17th of May, 1964 marks his actual date of birth. About his birthplace, the gentleman was born in Manhasset rooted in the United States of America in the City of New York to be precise.

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Wiki, Bio

David Eigenberg is an American categorizing in the white ethnicity. Beverly Eigenberg and Harry Eigenberg are the proud parents of David Eigenberg. While his mother owns some preschools, his father is a certified public accountant. Together, they were able to bless your favorite actor with five siblings. Even though we cannot list all their names here, her eldest sister identifies as Helen and her older sister goes by the name Betsy. The star is the only boy in their family.

Although his father was Jewish, as a boy the young man observed the Episcopalian religion just like his mother, about his education, the gentleman as a boy schooled at Naperville Central High School. He graduated from the institution in 1982 before joining the United States Marine Corps Reverse. Here, he was discharged honorably in 1986 at the rank of lance corporal. While in high school the star enjoyed playing football. He played for their high school main team. In a way, this could mean that besides acting, the star has a passion for soccer.

Quick Facts about David Eigenberg

Name David Eigenberg
Age 54
Birthdate May 17, 1964
Birthplace Manhasset, New York, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Acting
Net worth $6 million
Wife Chrysti Eigenberg
Children 2
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 64 kgs
Body measurements Not Known

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