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Diesel Brothers Dave Sparks Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-bio, and Salary.

Image of Diesel Brothers' Dave Sparks (Heavy D) Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki-bio, and Height

Dave Sparks is one of the Diesel Brothers together with Diesel Dave. He hails from Utah’s Salt Lake City, and he developed a passion for motors at a very tender age. Dave Sparks is the co-founder of DieselSellerz, not to mention that he is the owner. He and Dave were raised in military families, and perhaps that is why they love hardy, classic and powerful cars. He is referred to as the in charge of their business.

Diesel Brothers Dave Sparks; Heavy D

Dave Sparks wiki bio is quite thrilling because he was born a motorman. He is an aborigine of Salt Lake City in Utah and he fell in love with motors right from childhood. He first worked on his Yamaha YZ80 in 1976, and he customized it greatly. Dave studied fabrication, mechanics, and welding in high school and after graduation, he worked at a motorcycle and ATV business.

Afterwards, he enrolled in Weber State University at 21 years of age but later dropped out, when he opted to rely on his own experience. He worked at his uncle’s heavy equipment building business and later hired Diesel Dave. After that, they started their own business dubbed DieselSellerz and they are doing very well. He started recording videos of their work and posting them on social media. Fortunately, they were seen by Discovery Channel and they now have a reality show of their own.

Dave Sparks married to Wife and Children

Dave Sparks is not just well conversant with motor vehicle mechanics, and he is not monotonous in dealing with metals alone. He is also sociable, and consequently, he is a family man. Remember that when he met Diesel Dave and later made a mistake of refueling his diesel pick up with gasoline, they had gone hunting for girls.

Image of Diesel Brothers Dave Sparks with his wife and kids

Diesel Brothers Dave Sparks with his wife and children

That is why they were riding in a classic pick up so that they could capture the attention of girls. Fortunately, he was lucky to capture the attention of one of them, and Dave Sparks wife fell in love with him. Dave met Ashley Bennett Sparks in 2009, and after dating for one year, the duo got married. They are blessed with three Dave Sparks children called Beau Williams Sparks and Charley Mae Sparks, and they reside in Bountiful, Utah. The youngest child was born recently to add to his family members.

Dave Sparks Net Worth, Salary, Age, TV career

Dave Sparks net worth is estimated to be $2 million. However, Dave Sparks salary is not known, but he makes some good cash from his motor car building business.

Image of Dave Sparks net worth is $2 million

Dave Sparks net worth is $2 million

Some years ago, the duo started recording videos of their work and even some pranks, and they used to post them on social media, not to mention YouTube. Consequently, they were invited to The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. That was one of their greatest turning points because they were soon contacted by Discovery Channel and they struck a deal.

They started recording in 2015, and in 2016 their reality show dubbed the Diesel Brothers began airing. That show brought the duo to the public limelight, particularly youths who have a penchant for cars. It also impacted on their business by marketing them, and thus it increased their sales and income. His age is concealed, but he is around 40.

Dave Sparks Heavy D Wiki-bio

Dave Sparks TV shows have made his heart desire to materialize: just like how he decided to follow his heart when he was dropping out of the university. Out of his childhood passion for motors, he started working on his Yamaha motorcycle, and he redesigned and customized it hugely.

He was equipped with more skills in high school where he studied welding, fabrication, and mechanics. With these skills plus his innate ability to pursue his love for motors, he did not see anything good to pursue in the university. Thus, after enrolling in the university for a short time, he quit and went to work in his uncle’s garage. Afterward, he met Diesel Dave and later they started their own business.

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