Dr. Younan Nowzaradan Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Age.

Fondly known as Dr. Nowzaradan his real name is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. He is a well-known surgeon who has specialized in gastric surgery. As a professional surgeon, he has helped many people who are faced with the challenges related to obesity and weight management.  Let’s find out Dr. Nowzaradan’s Net Worth. Also, meet his wife Delores Nowzaradan and son Jonathan Nowzaradan.

Dr. Nowzaradan Net worth

Dr. Nowzaradan is one of the veteran surgeons in the United States. He has been a surgeon for more than three decades. In addition to being just a doctor, the renowned surgeon has also ventured into the television world.

He has appeared in the television series about weight management for the obese people. He helps people who are trying to overcome the weight challenges issues through surgical operations in the show of My 600-lb. This has also boosted his net worth greatly.

Television Series 'My 600-lb Life' host Dr. Nowzaradan curing his patient

Television Series ‘My 600-lb Life’ doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan

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Dr. Nowzaradan has kept most of his private matters checked. Therefore issues concerning his net worth and his daily pay remain unconfirmed by the veteran surgeon himself. However, according to reliable sources, the Dr. Nowzaradan has a considerable net worth.

Given his successful career as a surgeon and a tv star, we can assume that Dr. Younan Nowzaradan has a lot in his bank account. Reliable sources have put Dr. Nowzaradan net worth to be approximately $4 million. Nevertheless, this figure remains unconfirmed, and it might be well more than this.

Dr Nowzardan's Net Worth is $4 Million

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Net Worth is $4 Million

Married Life Wife and Divorce. Meet Dr. Nowzaradan’s ex-wife Delores Nowzaradan.

The veteran doctor was a married man. He was married to Delores Nowzaradan for more than two decades. The couple met way back in the 1970s, and they got married in 1975.

At the time of their marriage, his wife Delores used to work as a secretary but quit her job immediately after marrying the renowned surgeon.

Delores Nowzaradan has been very supportive in the career of Dr. Nowzaradan was a dutiful wife taking care of the children, himself and other household chores as her husband is busy most of the time.

'My 600-lb Life' host Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Nowzaradan from ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a married man

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It is however sad for his fans to note that the marriage of the duo did not last long. Their marriage hit a hard rock in 2002 when the couple divorced. In 2002, the couple divorced after more than 25 years in the wedding.

It is not clear what catalyzed the divorce. However, many rumors have pointed an accusing finger at Dr. Nowzaradan claiming that he might have been busy in his career and had little time for his family.

Meet his son Jonathan Nowzaradan and other children.

The more than twenty years marriage between Dr. Nowzaradan and his wife Delores has yielded fruits. Their couple was blessed with three children in their marriage.

Little information is known about the identity of two children of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. They have maintained a low public profile both in the media and in the public domain.

Dr Nowzardan with his patients

However, the Nowzaradans have a son who is a familiar child of the duo in the public limelight. Their son Jonathan Nowzaradan is one of the common figures of the family. Jonathan has ventured into the entertainment industry.

He is the producer of the ordinary television show featuring his father: My 600-lb television show. He has also produced other many television shows, and the most common among them is Shipping Wars and Half Ton Teen.

Age: How old is Dr. Nowzaradan? His Nationality.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan has many years of his life in his career as a surgeon. He was born on 11th October 1944 in Iran. He is 73 years old and his birthday is usually celebrated on 11th October yearly.

As for his Nationality, Dr. Nowzaradan is Iranian. He was born and raised in Iran. This Surgeon emigrated to the United States in his youthful years.

In fact, the celebrated surgeon attended the University of Tehran, one of the most prestigious universities in the country and graduated with a degree in surgery in 1970.

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After that, he emigrated to the States.


The professional surgeon has appeared in the television series that is known as My 600-lb Life. He is the lead surgeon on the show and treated many patients like Melissa Morris.

The television series mainly deals with weight management and reduction through the surgical procedures that are administered by the surgeon.

The show has commanded public attention across the States, and as a result, many audiences have come to like the show and its subsequent episodes. It has received a great liking and high viewership.

He is well- known for his roles that he has played in assisting many obese people in the United States. His roles in the gastric surgery have been recognized all over the States, and many people have hailed him for his exceptional roles in the surgery field.

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