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Eddie Money Wiki, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Bio, Dead

Image of Eddie Money

Eddie Money was an America singer, multi-instrumentalist and a singer who had a huge success with his hitmaker songs in the 1970s and 80s. He is best known for his songs like ‘Thin I’m in Love’, ‘Baby Hold On’, ‘Take Me Home Tonight’, ‘Shakin’ and many more.

Who was Eddie Money? Wiki, Bio

Edward Joseph Mahoney was born on March 21, 1949, in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in an Irish Catholic family as he was a son to Daniel P Mahoney (Father) and Dorothy Mahoney (Mother). Most of his family members were a part of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and he was a trainee there himself.

Eddie Money Music Career

He later moved to Berkley, California to start his music career in 1968. Money then started performing at city clubs on a regular basis. As he struggled with his music life, Money secured his spot with a recording contract in this music industry with Columbia Records.
By the 70s, Eddie had achieved a huge success throughout the country as he began to explore Rock, hard rock and pop-rock genres for his music
It was all going fine with his hit music albums and songs but suddenly in the mid of 80s, Edward’s career started to decline with his first unsuccessful album at the time.

Image of America singer, Eddie Money

America singer, Eddie Money

Not so long in the future, Edward made his grand comeback with another hit album named Can’t Hold Back nearly after 3 years in 1986.
Since 1992, he was the opening person for DTE Energy Music Theatre at the season of summer concerts in Michigan.
Then after he had regularly made tours visiting different places with his soulful music and love for this industry.

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Eddie Money Television Career

Eddie Money had made many appearances on television as he starred in a reality series that was all about his biography in 2018.
The singer had written many original songs for several movies like Over the Top, Kuffs, Back to the Beach and Americathon. On top, Eddie has also made music for a television series named Hardball.

Eddie Money Wife and Children’s, Personal Life

Eddie Money was married to his wife, Laurie Money back in 1989 and later they were blessed with 5 children in their lives. The couple lived peacefully in their home at the Bay Area and he often used to perform at the clubs in San Francisco.

Image of Eddie Money with his wife Laurie Money and with their kids

Eddie Money with his wife Laurie Money and with their kids

In 2001, Eddie joined a 12-step program to overcome his addiction problem. He always struggled through addiction in his career but he took that step to overcome whatever faults he had in himself.

Eddie Money Net Worth

Edward had earned a huge fortune with his musical career for he had several hit singles and albums. He was certainly among the big names in the industry and had a successful, long career throughout his life span.
Besides this, Eddie had appeared in numerous television series, commercials and reality series. Eddie Money’s net worth was estimated to be around $15 million as of 2019.

Image of Singer-songwriter, Eddie Money net worth is $15 million

Singer-songwriter, Eddie Money net worth is $15 million

Eddie Money Cancer and Dead, How did we lose him?

It was recently in August of 2019 when Edward was diagnosed with a stage four cancer. The esophageal cancer was at its last stage while the long-time smoker was fighting for his life. He had spoken about his health problems and revealed about his critical conditions to his fans.
But unfortunately, today on September 13, 2019, Edward Joseph Mahoney is no longer with us. He passed away at the age of 70 fighting with cancer and left a great legacy behind him for us to remember.

Image of Singer, Eddie Money died due to fourth stage esophageal cancer

Singer, Eddie Money died due to fourth stage esophageal cancer

His family bid their goodbyes with a heavy heart to a husband and a loving father saying that he will continue living among us though his music.

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