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Elizabeth Hendrickson Married, Spouse, Billy Miller, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family

Image of Elizabeth Hendrickson Married, Spouse, Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Family, Billy Miller, Gay

Elizabeth Hendrickson is one of the very successful actresses in the United States of America. In as much as Elizabeth had over the years tried her hand in the various character roles, she finally managed to hit the jackpot in the soap opera All My Children where she played the character of Frankie Stone. It is from here that she began becoming a hot cake. She has since gotten opportunities to take part in some of the most prime shows around. In 2007, Elizabeth decided to diversify her career a bit. She launched a fashion vixen dubbed Chloe Mitchel on The Young and Restless.

Learn more about Elizabeth Hendrickson’s married life with husband, relationship with Billy Miller, family, career and net worth.

Elizabeth Hendrickson Married To Husband Or Dating Boyfriend?

The love life of Elizabeth Hendrickson has been a huge source of her success as an individual. For now, Elizabeth is involved in a very deep relationship with her longtime boyfriend. The two have managed to stick together for the longest time that a couple can. Having endured all the storms that may always hit a relationship, the couple is likely to get married anytime soon. The lucky man in Elizabeth’s life is Rob Meder. She likes posting his pictures on her Instagram account.

From the available reports, Elizabeth met Rob way back in 2015. At that time, Elizabeth was conducting research for her wedding series dubbed 30 Days Max. This show was funded by her fans. The exact day of the couple’s meeting is yet to be revealed.

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All the same, from the history of their social media posts, the first picture which Elizabeth and Rob did together was on the 24th of October 2015. In that particular photo, Rob stood behind the lady. They were putting on the same cap. Well, the love life could have started way earlier than this. It is not normal for people to post photos of strangers on their social media timelines.

Image of Elizabeth Hendrickson with her husband Rob Meder

Elizabeth Hendrickson with her husband, Rob Meder

Unlike most of the other celebrities, Elizabeth Hendrickson has never hidden the details of her love life. She openly posts photos of her and the boyfriend in public. Things got out of hand in 2016 when Elizabeth posted pictures of her and the boyfriend sharing a kiss at the top of Canyons At Gateway. In the captions, Elizabeth could only share the top with her love, Rob.

During the last Valentine’s eve, Elizabeth and Rob once again confessed their love to the public. She posted a photo of her and the boyfriend enjoying nice moments at a place which looked like a beach. It was at sunset. Indeed, Elizabeth knows how to express love to her man. It is the dream of most fans out there that they just get married.

Billy Miller And Elizabeth Hendrickson Relationship

There have also been rumors that Billy and Elizabeth are dating. Between 2008 and 2014, Billy and Elizabeth played a role in the Young and Restless that ended in a marriage. The truth is that they were merely acting. Billy is so straight!

Is General Hospital Billy Miller returning with a new contract?

Elizabeth Hendrickson Net Worth and Salary

The available estimates put Elizabeth Hendrickson net worth at 3 million U.S dollars. It is said that Elizabeth earns an annual salary of about $400,000.

Image of Actor, Elizabeth Hendrickson net worth is $3 million

Elizabeth Hendrickson net worth from The Young and the Restless is $3 million

How old is Elizabeth Hendrickson? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Elizabeth was born on the 3rd of July 1979. Elizabeth is therefore 39 years old currently. She celebrates her birthday on the 3rd Of July every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Elizabeth was born in New York City in the United States. She is an American by nationality. Elizabeth’s family later on relocated to Northport and began living there. Right from her early days, she loved art. By 5, she was already moving on top of the tables during weddings.

Is Elizabeth Hendrickson Leaving Young And Restless? Joining General Hospital?

Elizabeth Hendrickson is set to join the General Hospital. She has finally called it a day with the Young and Restless. However, a good majority of the fans of the General Hospital seemed not to have welcomed her. Most of them argue that they already have enough actors in the show and that they are not in need of an extra number of actors.

However, there are those who have been very positive about Elizabeth’s presence at the General Hospital. Well, the best thing to do at the moment is to let time tell whether the General Hospital a mistake by admitting Elizabeth or not.

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