All you need to know about Eminem’s daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, any information on the biological father?What about net worth?

One thing is sure, Eminem and his long lasting legacy in rapping world. We have been blessed with the genius and talent of this men. In fact, a pure gift, blessing from God, that usually repeats once in the century. Well, you would have figure out what Eminem means to rap. As for Eminem’s personal life, it hasn’t been as blissful as his career. In fact, it has been complicated and Whitney Scott Mathers is one of the complicated stories of Eminem’s life. Whitney Scott Mathers is no other than the daughter of Eminem. Let’s get to know more about Whitney Scott Mathers.

Whitney Scott Mathers
Caption: Eminem’s youngest daughter Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers has a biological father other than Eminem

Whitney Scott Mathers has got a dotting father in Eminem. She is born to Eminem ex-wife  Kimberly Anne Scott. Whitney has a biological father other than Eminem. She was born on April 16, 2002, which is after Eminem divorced his wife.Kim had a short-lived relationship with men named Eric Hater who happens to be the biological father of Whitney. Well, Whitney’s real father seems to be a man of concern who has numerous run-ins with the law and he is an ex-convict.

Whitney Scott Mathers shares loving father Eminem with other two sisters

Well, if you are wondering if Whitney is only children Eminem has got then you are wrong. Whitney who is currently 15 years of age has two elder sisters Alaina Marie Mathers,24 and Hailie Jade,21. Eminem and his ex-wife were close to each other way before marriage. Prior to marriage to Kim, the pair were blessed with wonderful daughter Hailie Jade on December 25, 1995. Eminem welcomed Alaina and Whitney Mathers on the same day with adoption to the family.

Caption: Eminem’s daughter Alaina, Hailie and Whitney Mathers
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Sad Thing is Whitney Scott Mathers Aunt has passed away

Whitney’s Aunt is no stranger to Eminem family. She has been family for Eminem for a long time. In fact, when Eminem was 15, ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and her twin sister Dwan Scott moved in with Eminem and his mother. Moreover, Aunt Dawn Scott is the biological mother of Alaina Marie Mathers. Whitney’s aunt Dawn Scott was found dead in her home in Warren, Michigan in January 2016. Dawn was no stranger to drug abuse, in fact, her death reason is believed to be heroin overdose.

Is Whitney dating anyone or what about a boyfriend?

Whitney is just 15 years of age now. For those wondering if she is dating, well she is not. She is more of a daddy’s girl and she seems to be enjoying her life in the sweet family of four.

 Whitney Mathers net worth

Thanks to super famous dad Eminem, Whitney seems to be enjoying her life as her father earns super bucks from his profession as a rapper. Eminem has a staggering net worth of $190 M.

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Updated: August 20, 2017

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