Gold Rush Dakota “Fred Hurt” wiki, bio, wife, son Dustin hurt, now back on gold rush

Everyone knows the veteran miner Gold Rush Dakota, Fred Hurt. He is also famously known ad Dakota Fred from his favorite show Gold Rush. In his show, together with his team, they visit different rural areas excavating gold. However, the show came to a halt for some time, and many fans have been left wondering what happened. This article gathered all the Intel to keep you updated about the show as well we Dakota Hurt himself. Anyway, Hurt is back on the show, and here is what you need to know about his wife, son, net worth, and the Dakota boys in wiki type biography.

Fred Hurt married life, wife and son Dusting Hurt

If you are a big fan of his show, then at some point in season 4 Hurt had mentioned about his ailing wife, he was talking about his one and only wife, Lorrayne Hunt. His wife only got home after spending some time in the hospital.

Lorrayne Hunt, first wife of Dakota Hurt

Gold Rush Dakota Fred Hurt wife Lorrayne Hunt


Unfortunately, his lovely wife died on 2nd February 2015. According to a post he shared on social media, his wife passed due to a long-term illness.  However, there is so much to his married life other than the wife, after losing Lorrayne, Hurt became closer to his friend cum executive assistant Jennifer Sheets.

Posted by Dakota Fred on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fred has a son called Dustin Hurt, who is a member of the Gold Rush family “Dakota Boys.” Dustin is married to his lovely wife, ArinAlhum Hanson. The Dakota Boys dominated the couple’s wedding. Rumors have it the two are considering getting a baby.

Net worth

Many of Fred’s fans wonder what his real net worth is, what is the salary from his reality show with the Dakota Boys. Sadly, he has not revealed anything about his net worth. However, reliable sources claim his net worth is somewhere around 3 million dollars.

Career in gold rush and why he left the show gold rush

The Dakota Boys have not been on the screen for some time now. One of the reasons for leaving the show was due to the disagreements between the management and the team, as well as internal feuds. However, no official communication in the absence of Dakota Boys has been released yet. It seems that there was a serious fall out between the management and the Dakota Boys. The team left the show because of payment issues.

The Dakota boys Fred Hurt and son Dustin hurt are back on gold rush: White Waters.

It can now be confirmed that the Dakota Boys are back in the game. The father and son team are back on the show after being away for the better part of last year. It appears the management and the duo ironed out their issues, and they recently reunited, confirming the pair are now officially on the show.

The Dakota Boys are back on Gold Rush although the program features some fresh blend and it is now called Gold Rush White Water. In the new episode, the Dakota Boys are now mining in deep waters. They are now venturing beneath the water surface. A fascinating move to watch.

Father Son Combo: Dakota Fred Hurt and Dusting Hurt

Gold Rush Dakota Boys, Dakota Fred Hurt, and son Dustin Hurt


In the new episode, the father and son team find a new place which is surrounded by whitewater and can be seen working with professional divers. The Dakota Boys seem to be ready to take any risk to get what they want. This season will undoubtedly be incredible.

Wiki bio, Age.

Want to know How old is “Dakota” Fred Hurt? well, he is 60 years old as of writing this content. Despite his old age, he has been actively working on the new series of Gold Rush, Gold Rush: White Water with his son Dustin Hurt.

Name Fred Hurt
Nationality American
Residence Dakota, United States
Affair with Lorrayne Hurt,
Kids Jennifer Sheets
Profession Reality TV star
Net worth $3 million dollars

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