Gold Rush Dustin Hurt Wiki Bio, Married, Net Worth, Age

Dustin Hurt is an American reality television actor. He has made a significant appearance in the show of Gold Rush but only some of its episodes. “Gold Rush” is an American reality television series that is debuted on Discovery Channel. It revolves around some people in the mining industry who are working to mine Gold in the woods of Alaska. Let’s find out more about Dustin Hurt’s wiki type biography. Also, see his net worth.

Is Dustin Hurt married? Meet his wife.

Dustin Hurt is a member of miners who refer themselves as  Dakota boys. The family comprises of some people who have been in the mining industry together. The big-time actor, Dustin Hurt is a married man. He is married to Arin Alhum Hanson. The couple got married sometime last year in a private wedding dominated by Dakota boys. The invited celebrities also attended the wedding.

Dakota boys from gold rush

Caption:- Dustin Hurts in the Member of Dakota Boys

There is little information about Dustin Hurt’s wife as she has been off the public limelight even before she was married to Dustin. We do not know as per now if the couple has any kids or not.

However, given that they recently married, it appears the couple has no kids at the moment. Anyway, in case of more information on the same, we shall always be here to share them.

Gold Rush Dustin Hurt happy with his wife ArinAlhum HAnson

Caption:- Gold Rush Dustin Hurt With his lovely Wife ArinAlhum Hanson

Net Worth

Dustin Hurt has made a fortune from his regular appearance on television. He earns a good salary from the show through his appearance in various episodes of Gold Rush. However, we could not determine the net wage that he is paid by Discovery Channel for every episode, but he must be making a kill.

Dakota Boys Dustin Hurts Net Worth From Gold Rush

Caption:- Gold Rush Dustin Hurt’s Net Worth is $1 Million

The net worth of the actor is approximated to be over $1million. The primary source of his income is through his career in acting and his appearance in the reality television show. He is worth noting that his net worth is subject to increase given that he is still active in acting and hence he is still able to get something shortly.

Wiki Bio

Gold Rush Dustin Hurt looking Great with Cool HAT

Dustin Hurt is the member of the Dakota boys. He is the son of Dakota Fred Hurt and had a brother. They call themselves the Dakota boys. It is not clear when he was born, but he was born and raised in Alaska. The mother of the actor died in 2016 after years battling cancer.

He recently got married to Arin Hanson, a mysterious woman who has kept a low profile in both the media and public limelight. In fact, Arin Hanson is typically unknown, and she came only to be recognized due to her marriage to one of Dakota Boys.

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