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Gabriel Iglesias is doting father to son Frankie Iglesias,keeping girlfriend away from public spotlight. Are they married yet?

The relation between father and son is supposed to have a certain line right, however, wouldn’t it be awesome to have super cool, friendly, loving dad. Well, Frankie Iglesias holds a similar relationship with his famous comedian father Gabriel Iglesias.

Standup comedian Gabriel Iglesias (A.K.A Fluffy) is a man of many talents whose skills is not just simply confined to comedy. He is actor, writer and voice actor as well. This entertaining funny man is blessed with a living relationship with girlfriend Claudia Valdez and the pair has a son Frankie. Know about his son, wife, and girlfriend. Is he married to Claudia?

Married! Doting father Gabriel Iglesias has more to say about son Frankie than his girlfriend

As much we tend to love fluffy on the stage, our curiosity has changed into his personal life too. Reportedly, Gabriel and his girlfriend Claudia Valdez relationship started in 2008, since then, the pair is jubilantly living together with son Frankie Iglesias within the family.There is no doubt this 41-years-old funny man, Gabriel, shares an astonishing relationship with girlfriend Claudia but several wonders if they’re already married.

Gabriel Iglesias son and wife
Caption: Frankie Iglesias (L), Claudia Valdez(M), Gabriel Iglesias(R)
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Loving & confirming father Iglesias is open relating to his son however he rarely talks regarding his girlfriend Claudia. Gabriel is a passionate social media user and he likes to answer queries from fans and followers in his twitter account. Well, he appears to be more interested in questions relating to son Frankie than Claudia Valdez as he’s typically replying queries involving son. While responding to one of the twitter users, last year he tweeted Frankie is eighteen and referring he’s a keep home child in want of employment. We can see words from a loving father involved concerning his son.The tweet read as:“Frankie is 18 and available. He also needs a job. Hint  😋 #AskFluffy”

Further, cool dad Gabriel likes to make certain his boy has a girlfriend as Frankie turned nineteen this year. He came up describing Frankie in another tweet that reads:“My son is great! He’s 19 and chills. What a life! Any cute girls wanna take him off my hands? He has all his shots #FreeFrankie”

Gabriel Iglesias son Frankie
Caption: Gabriel Iglesias and his son Frankie 
Photo Source: Celeliveupdate

The big hearted man Gabriel is an astonishing father figure to Frankie. Many don’t know that Frankie is born to Claudia and her relationship with another man.

More recently, Gabriel is barely seen together with his girlfriends in any public places or events. Moreover, he hasn’t been vocal regarding Claudia that has caused speculation concerning their relationship. Some wonders the pair could have separated. Despite the very fact, the pair continues to be along however they are yet to be married.

Gabriel Iglesias Past Girlfriend

Other than Claudia, Gabriel seems to have a girlfriend in past too. The details about the person are yet to come out or shared by our comical man. Gabriel was disqualified from reality TV show ‘LAST COMIC STANDING’ 4th season because of his then girlfriend. He reached to final eight contestants of the show but let down by his action as he smuggled a Blackberry phone which he used for contacting his girlfriend. Later in 2015, he opened the reason for letting go of the show as he answed to National Bagg Radio.

At that time, juggling between career and relationship, Gabriel chose girlfriend over a career. Well, it turns out he was right to prioritize family over the profession. We can see the man of many talents, Gabriel is a well established stand-up comedian and he is similarly enjoying success in movies and TV shows too.

Short wiki like bio on Frankie Iglesias

Frankie Iglesias who is famous for being the son of comedian Gabriel Iglesias was born in 1997 which makes him 19 years of age. He was born to mother Claudia Valdez. Claudia and  Gabriel Iglesias has kept all the details regarding his biological father.

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Updated: August 26, 2017


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