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Gabriel Iglesias has partner like wife!What about his relationship with girlfriend Claudia Valdez?Know about his children.

Gabriel Iglesias wife

Whether you like him or not you definitely can’t ignore him. I am talking about Gabriel Iglesias who is more popular through his comical name as Fluffy. Well, Gabriel is not a person blessed with good looks or has a genetically favored structure but he has what many fail to have, an outstanding sense of humor. He can make you laugh any day or anytime you wish for.

A naturally blessed comedian who never seizes to amaze with his comedy acts. So, we have our man Fluffy to cheer us up but many wonders if fluffy has someone to cheer him up. Well, Gabriel has a wife like a partner and he seems to be enjoying his family life along with children.

Also, many of Iglesias fans wonder if he is still with his girlfriend Claudia Valdez or married to someone else. In this article, we will bring you all the answers.

Gabriel Iglesias wife
Caption: Claudia Valdez(L) and Gabriel Iglesias(R)

All the fuss about Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend, wife, and children

We have been hearing about Gabriel Iglesias happily living with wife and children. Well, Gabriel is 41 and he isn’t growing any younger so don’t be surprised if he is married or has children.

After looking at the information on Gabriel life we found out he has a partner whom he lives together under the same roof. Moreover, Gabriel shares a wonderful boy with her. Well, he is still with his girlfriend Claudia Valdez and lives together in same house.

Reportedly they first met in 2008 and were seen in public attending “A Wish for Animals benefit” at the Laugh Factory on February 12, 2008, in LA, California. Gabriel has got a supportive and loving person in Claudia. The two are in the relationship for more than 8 years and live together in the same house. Somehow the couple is not married yet.

Gabriel Iglesias son Frankie
Caption: Gabriel Iglesias and his son Frankie Iglesias

Gabriel and Claudia are more of a family than a boyfriend and girlfriend. They have a son Frankie Iglesias whom they love very much. Frankie is born from Claudia Valdez and her previous relationship with another man. Gabriel has been a wonderful fatherly figure to Frankie. Like a concerned father, he constantly talks and updates about him.

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More on Gabriel Iglesias

Born on July 15, 1997, Gabriel Iglesias is an American comedian, actor, and a writer. He has a height of 5ft 8in(1.78m) who is mostly known as Fluffy through his comedy TV show I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. The popular Gabriel Iglesias was not always a comedian. He used to work for a cell phone company before he left and started a full-time comedy.

Besides Gabriel’s comedy, he has been involved in lots of movies and TV shows like Magic Mike, Smurfs: The Lost Village, family. After involving in movies, TV shows, and live tours he bags an exquisite salary of $10M per year. He has a staggering net worth of $30 M.

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Updated: October 30, 2017


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