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Jennifer Earles Biography: Facts about Jason Earles’s Ex-Wife.

Image of Jennifer Earles Biography: Facts about Jason Earles's ex-wife

The beautiful Jennifer Earles is a reality show star, also professionally recognized for her taste in writing (Honeytopia website). In the course of her life, Earles came in limelight all of a sudden when her relationship and marriage with the multi-talented American Celebrity Jason Earles surfaced. The reason, however, remains questionable for the separation with this baby-faced Disney-star in 2013, after giving birth to a beautiful kid, Noah Earles. Despite the media hunt at times, much of the life of Jennifer Earles, personal life remains out of the public view.

Presented in this article below is an insight into Jennifer Earles’ marriage life and divorce reason. You can also get to know about Jennifer Earles net worth and her children, stay tailored till the end.

Who is Jennifer Earles?

An elegant Caucasian white beauty, an actress and writer, Jennifer Earles was born on 26th April 1977. Her divergence and multiple creativity is revealed by her indulgence in writing as well as acting careers. Assumed to have spent her childhood days in Montana, Jennifer and her former husband Jason met during their college days in Rocky Mountain College.

With her popularity grown more for being the wife of the baby-faced actor Jason Earles, the 42-year-old beauty keeps a low profile on media and is speculated to be busy raising her daughter, who stays with her mother following the separation of Jason and Jennifer.

Jennifer Earles Net Worth. How much is Jason Earles ex-wife’s worth?

Albeit the theories from the unproven sources, the actual data on Jennifer Earles’ net worth is yet to be estimated. The fact that she has been an active woman in her career denotes Jennifer Earles net worth to be far better than guessing by the critics. Jason Earles’ ex-wife Jennifer Earles’, however, did not reveal much of her life in public, which keeps her property and her income worth speculating. Her accountability, for now, is represented based on Jason Earles’ net worth of 8 million dollars as per the records from celebrity net worth.

"Image of Jennifer Earles net worth
Jason Earles ex-wife Jennifer Earles net worth is husband

Jennifer Earles Husband, Married life, Divorce Reason, Children

Jennifer Earles exchanged vows with Jason Earles and made success their college romance to proceed to marital commitment. But their association did not last longer than a decade.

Image of Jennifer Earles with her ex-husband Jason Earles
Jennifer Earles with her ex-husband Jason Earles

In early 2012, Jennifer Earles’ husband, announced for separation and filed a case a year later which formally separated them. Rumors exist for mistrust and Jasons’ disease (Kallmann syndrome) serves as a reason for Jennifer Earles’ divorce, but they haven’t opened up their words to the media for the decisive issues which led to their separation. Not even an angelic daughter kept them tied to each other. Meanwhile, Jennifer Earles’ child now lives under her motherly guidance after this bitter event in her life.

Image of Jennifer Earles husband Jason Earles with his daughter Noah Earles
Jennifer Earles husband Jason Earles with his daughter Noah Earles

Who is Jennifer Earles’s ex-husband, Jason Earles?

Jennifer Earles’ ex-husband, Jason Daniel Earles, is a popular celebrity, established in Hollywood as a comedian, Director and Marital artist. With his light brown hair, blue eyes and a baby-face appearance, he gained popularity as Jackson Stewart in the popular “Hannah Montana” show and the Disney XD series “Kickin’ it.”

Image of American actor, Jennifer Earles
American actor, Jennifer Earles

His baby looks is idealized and fantasized more by his female fans. Born in San Diego on April 26th, 1977, married to the beautiful Jennifer Earles, an unexpected separation, are the events worth looking at in his life. The happy couple over the years earned themselves the reputation of a tight knot until the signs of friction were exposed between them in 2012 whereafter, they lost the endearment in their idealized bond. Jennifer Earles’ ex-husband married Katie Drysen in 2017, and they remain in a key media spotlight since then.

Personal life

Jennifer Earles lived a happy life with husband Jason until their separation, and her appearance on red carpet remained appealing to her fans. The 165 cm tall, slim built and with elegant beauty had an adorable simplicity on herself to draw the attention of the public.

Earles separation, however, left her to stay a single mother and lives on much lower media appearance since then, most probably due to her busy schedules in raising her daughter. Jennifer Earles’ family background, personal life after her divorce remains stealth for the world.

Jennifer Earles Age, Birth Name, Wiki-Bio

Full name        Jennifer Earles
Age                                      42
Birthdate        N/A
Nationality         American
Ethnicity          White
Profession      Actress, Writer
Spouse       Jason Earls (m.2002-2013)
Net worth          NA
Height                  165cm
Weight                 N/A
Marital Status   Divorced
Children           1
Social Media N/A


Jennifer Earles, a reality show star and writer, attracted media attention due to her marriage with Jason Earles; an actor, director, and comedian. Married in 2002 and separated in 2013, they have a daughter together. Jennifer Earles net worth is accounted for her husband’s worthiness of 8 million dollars.

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