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Who is Jon-Michael Ecker’s Wife? Know His Parents, Children, Net Worth, Bio

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  • February 18, 2024February 18, 2024

John Michael Ecker is also known as Jon Ecker. He is a great American actor who has achieved a lot of popularity in the acting industry. His father has been a great pillar in his career.   For anyone with no glimpse of who the celebrity is, below is an overview of the essential aspects of his life, you would love to know.

So let’s dig on about how much is John Michael Ecker’s net worth? Also, more information regarding John Michael Ecker wife, marriage life, parents, bio, and body measurements.

Who is Jon-Michael Ecker?

Jon Ecker is an American actor, son of two American actors who is popularly known for his roles as Aaron Ari in the Latin favorite show Popland. He has also been a legendary actor Marlon Brando in the Cantinflas (2014) film. Jon Michael Ecker was born in San Marcos, Texas on 16th March 1983.

He is of the birth sign Pisces, and currently, he is 36 years old as of June 2019. Information about Jon Ecker academic qualifications is not well known except that he studied Marine Biology in college. Other TV programs Jon-Michael Ecker has starred in include ”Corazón Valiente” and “Gossip Girl: Acapulco.”

Jon-Michael Ecker has also appeared in an American Drama Queen of the South with other crews like Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera, Alice Braga, and others.

Image of Jon-Michael Ecker from TV show, Gossip Girl: Acapulco

Jon-Michael Ecker from a TV show, Gossip Girl: Acapulco

Jon Ecker Net Worth. How much is ‘Queen of the South’ star worth?

Jon Ecker net worth is accumulated majorly from his acting skills. The most significant source of income is from the acting profession. Details about his actual income have not been revealed to the media. However, other sources, like, states that the average salary of American actors ranges from $45,576 to $67,526.

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However, Jon Ecker has achieved his net worth in millions, and it is expected to be on the rise over the years due to his credible acting experience. Jon-Michael Ecker net worth is $ 2 million according to some sources.

Image of American actor, Jon-Michael Ecker net worth is $2 million

American actor, Jon-Michael Ecker net worth is $2 million

Who is Jon-Michael Ecker Wife? His Marriage life and Children

Jon Michael Ecker wife is Barbara Mori. Known sources reveal that Jon Michael Ecker married Barbara in a closed ceremony attended by his close friends and family members.

Image of Jon-Michael Ecker with his wife Barbara Mori

Jon-Michael Ecker with his wife, Barbara Mori

The two love journey dates back from the year 2012.  After two years of dating, the lovely couple tied the knot in a colorful private wedding ceremony on 16th August 2014. The wife is an Uruguayan model/actress. Jon Ecker has a stepson that the wife sired from her previous relationship with a Latino producer, model, and an actor, Sergio Mayer. They have no children in their current relationship.

Jon-Michael Ecker Parents, Grandparents

The American actor is a son of two renowned actors. Jon-Michael Ecker parents, Guy Ecker and Nia Peeples are both great actors. His father is a Brazilian- American actor who is famously known for his fantastic work in the American plays specifically telenovelas.

Image of Jon-Michael Ecker with his father Guy Ecker

Jon-Michael Ecker with his father, Guy Ecker

Behind the success of Jon Ecker, the actor owes everything to his father for the mentorship and advice throughout his career journey. Guy Ecker played a very pivotal role in his son’s career life.  He taught him how to create a balance between his personal and professional life. He also taught him how to deal with rejection, which is a common trend in the industry. No sources disclose details about Jon-Michael Ecker’s grandparents.

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Jon-Michael Ecker Measurements: Height and Weight

Jon Michael Ecker physique stands at the height of 1.8 meters and balanced weight of 75kgs. We shall be on the lookout for weight data because of weight variation issues.

Image of Jon-Michael Ecker height is 5 feet 9 inches

Jon-Michael Ecker height is 5 feet 9 inches

Personal life

Jon Michael Ecker is one of the celebrities that has had a light tint of fame, preferring to live a private entity instead. Despite being happily married now; his marital relationship has not worked out very well. Before Jon Ecker got married to Barbara, he was in a relationship with a Mexican actress Ingrid Martz.

Within a short period, after they started dating, Jon-Michael Ecker relocated to Mexico to live with her. Afterward, they ended up in a painful breakup. They chose to keep the reason behind the split a secret. During his off time from the screens, Jon-Michael Ecker loves traveling to different natural places away from the cities.

He also loves photography and takes more pictures from the sites that he shares on his personal Instagram page. Besides, he enjoys sailing on the seas and camping along the ocean shores during his leisure time. The actor is also ranked for his tasty sense of fashion and his outgoing personality.

Quick Facts about Jon-Michael Ecker

Birth Name Jon Michael Ecker
Date of Birth 16th March 1983
Age 36
Height 1.8meters
Place of Birth San Marcos, Texas
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
Horoscope sign Pisces
Net worth $ 2 million
Parents Guy Ecker and Nia Peeples
Wife Barbara Mori
Step-Child Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Death-O-Meter Alive


Jon Michael Ecker wife is Barbara Mori. His wife bore a child from her previous relationship. The two are happily married but are yet to have children. Jon Michael Ecker net worth is $2 million.

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