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Josh Kelley’s Married Life to Wife Katherine Heigl and Their Children

Josh Kelley is the husband of the beautiful actress, Katherine Heigl. Katherine has played many roles as an actress, but she is most famous for her role as on Izzie Stevens Grey’s Anatomy.

Josh was born on January 30, 1980, and is 39 years of age currently. He was born in Augusta, Georgia, to father Dr. John W. Kelley and mother, Gayle Kelley. His father was a cardiologist. He, along with his younger brother, pursued music from a young age. Josh became Kelly Heigl’s husband in 2007.

Early Life

Josh Kelley was the eldest son of Dr. John W. Kelley and Gayle Kelley, born on 30 Jan 1980. He started pursuing music at the young age of 11, along with his younger brother Charles. Kelly brothers formed a band, Inside Blue, at the age of 11. By the time Josh was 14, Inside Blue had released an album with five songs which led him into meeting James Brown, the Soul Brother No.1.

Image of Musician, Josh Kelley
Musician, Josh Kelley

Josh played the guitar in high school with his brother on drums. He graduated from Lakeside High School.

For college, Josh attended the University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, where he was a part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He attended college with a scholarship to play golf.  Josh is an avid golf player. He graduated from university with a degree in art.

Meeting Katherine and getting Married

Josh was on his way to establish himself as a homely singer, trying different styles, going through decisions that would shape his life. In such time Josh met Katherine in the spring of 2005. Katherine appeared in his music video for “Only You.” Two of them hit it off pretty good, and this meeting turned into an engagement a year later in 2006.

Image of Josh Kelley with his wife Katherine Heigl
Josh Kelley with his wife, Katherine Heigl

Josh even wrote a song for Katherine, “Hey, Katie.” Later on 23 December 2007, Josh became Katherine Heigl’s husband. They had the ceremony at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah. Unitarian minister Tom Goldsmith ordained the service. Select-few from the cast of Gry’s Anatomy attended the wedding. The likes of T.R Knight, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, and Kate Walsh were the Co-star attendees.

Katherine Heigl’s Husband and Children

Josh and Katherine didn’t have a child right away after getting married; instead, they adopted one. They adopted a South Korean baby girl and gave her the name Nancy Leigh, after Katherine’s Korean-born older sister. Nancy’s nickname is NaLeigh, and Josh has even written a song for her, which can be heard on youtube.

Image of Josh Kelley and his wife Katherine along with their two kids
Josh Kelley and his wife Katherine along with their two kids

The couple later adopted a second daughter, Adalaide Marie Hope, in April 2012. Katherine Heigl and her husband finally had a child of their own on December 20, 2016, whose name is Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr.

Even 14 years after their marriage, love between the couple seems stable from what is available in Josh’s social media posts. We might see another child from this couple as their romance doesn’t look dead.

Josh Kelley Wiki, Career, and What is he doing?

Josh Kelley, born on Jan 30, 1980, is an Aquarius. Fond of music, he pursued a career in music from the age of 11, releasing an album at the age of 14. He became Katherine Heigl’s husband in 2007, but before that, he had a lot of things to do to establish his career as a singer.

Josh released his first independent album in 2001, Changing Faces. Hollywood Records in 2002 following his album. He released another album, For the Ride Home, on June 3, 2003, with the help of his producer. His second album, Almost Honest, was released on August 23, 2005, which featured the hit single, “Only You.” The music video of this song is where Josh met his wife, Katherine Heigl. He had moved to Los Angeles from Georiga for the recording of this album.

In 2006, after getting out of contract with Hollywood Records. Josh released his third album, Just Say the Word, under his own label, Threshold. The album first came to iTunes on June 6, and the physical copies came out on July 25, the same year. Josh later changed his company’s name to DNK records in 2008 and released another album, Special Company, on January 14, 2008. Josh went on to release two more albums in the same year, on July 7 – Backwood, which was released only digitally and on September 23 – To Remember exclusively through Target stores.

In November of 2009, he signed with MCA Nashville and released his first country album in 2010. “Georgia Clay,” his first country single, got into the top 20 hits on the Hot Country Songs Chart.

Josh is still the homely family guy and still making music. His latest song is “Busy Making Memories,” which is on youtube since 23 November 2019.

Josh Kelley Net Worth

As a singer/songwriter Josh has gathered a small fortune. His current net worth is $5 million. He lives, along with his wife and three children, in Oakley, Utah.

Katherine Heigl’s net worth, on the other hand, is a staggering $30 million. The couple is doing very well together, and the love between them still seems very strong as we can see josh flattering and flaunting Katherine on Instagram on her birthday Nov 24.

Quick Facts about Josh Kelley

Name Josh Kelley
Birth Date 1980, January 30
Sibling/s Charles Kelley
Education Lakeside High School (High School), the University of Mississippi (Arts)
Profession Singer/songwriter, musician
Spouse Katherine Heigl
Children Nancy Leigh Kelley, Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley, Joshua Bishop Kelley
Net worth $5 million
Star sign Aquarius
Height 1.88m

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