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Kassie Depaiva Husband, Son, Married, Net Worth, Measurements, Health, Cancer Updates

Image of Kassie Depaiva Husband, Son, Married, Net Worth, Measurements, Health, Cancer Updates

For Kassie Depaiva, life is a combination of beauty, class, and talent. The life of Kassie is one which so many people may not hesitate to envy. As an actress, Kassie has made an appearance in several movies series and television shows. Kassie is best known for the role she played in the show, Black Cramer.

She appeared on the show for 20 straight years. From there, she began participating in the series Eve Donovan. Kassie has been in this particular show since 2014. Her career began in 1986. Her 30 years of existence in the industry has seen her play some roles.

Learn more about One Life to Live star Kassie DePaiva’s husband, family, son, and wiki. Details on her net worth and salary.

Kassie Depaiva is Married twice? Meet her Husbands and Son

The figure of Kassie Depaiva is tall and sexy. It is even hard to imagine that she has a son who already 18 years old. With her amazing beauty, Kassie has been involved in some affairs. Her exes are many. At some point, Kassie was married to Richard C. Hankins. However; the marriage did not last for so long as the two eventually got divorced. The marriage did not have any children. At the moment, Kassie has a husband named James DePaiva. Kassie and James have been married for the past twenty-two years.

Image of Kassie Depaiva with her husband James DePaiva

Kassie Depaiva with her husband, James DePaiva

The reason behind Kassie’s previous divorces is not known to the public. It is very difficult to blame either her or the former husbands. After all, love is a very complex concept. Sometimes, it is the best option is to let things remain the way they are. Kassie’s love life has been one adventurous one. She has tasted both the sweet and the bitter side of it. That she finally managed to settle down with a man she truly loved is a fact that should be appreciated.

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Kassie Depaiva Net Worth and Salary

Kassie has a net worth of $4 million. The latest statistics regarding her wealth were gathered for two years. It is therefore very possible that she could even be richer at the moment. If anything, the past two years have not seen Kassie get involved in any tragedy that might have negatively affected her wealth base. Kassie has gotten most of her wealth from her career as an actress. By all standards, she is a very hard working woman. Her salary is however not known at the moment. Kassie is a very discreet woman. It is therefore difficult to find her sharing her income with the members of the public.

Image of Actor, Kassie Depaiva net worth is $4 million

Actor, Kassie Depaiva net worth is $4 million

After the completion of her education, Kassie worked in some acting groups for a while. As a group, they could travel to different areas performing to the various audiences. Once Kassie felt that she had done enough of teamwork, she decided to curve her career path in acting. However, she had to begin through modeling. Kassie’s breakthrough came in 1986. This was after trying her luck in some television roles. Since then, Kassie has always taken advantage of all the opportunities that come her way to building the success that she is enjoying today.

How old is Kassie Depaiva? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Kassie DePaiva was born on the 21st of March 1961. Kassie is therefore 57 years old at the moment. She celebrates her birthday on the 21st of March every year.

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Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Kassie DePaiva is five feet and ten inches tall. She is 57 kilograms in weight.

Wiki, Biography

Kassie DePaiva real name in Katherine Virginia Wesley. She was born in Morganfield, Kentucky, in the United States. She is the younger daughter of Patricia and Billy Wesley. Kassie has an elder sister named Clara. Kassie’s childhood was moderately eventful. As an ambitious young girl, Kassie had always wanted to be an astronaut. She must have been inspired by Star Wars.

Kassie Depaiva Cancer and Health Updates

At the beginning of this year, Kassie said that she had been declared free from cancer. In as much as the chemo sessions made her loose hair, she still looks fine and sexy. She is planning to return to the acting scene anytime.

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