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Kin Shriner Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Gay Rumors.

Image of Kin Shriner Married, Wife, Children, Gay Rumours, Son, Net Worth, Age, and Salary

Kin Shriner, an actor from the show General Hospital, was born on December 6, 1953, in New York City, New York, USA. He was born to Herb Shriner and Eileen McDermot, and his twin brother is called Wil Shriner. Unfortunately, Kin parents died in a car accident when he was still a student at J.J. Pearce High School. He has a son named Eric Lee.

Kin Shriner General Hospital

Kin Shriner has cast General Hospital for a whopping 41 years, but he has been on and off. He acts as Scott Baldwin, and he joined the GH cast in 1977. However, sometimes he leaves the show to go and cast others and then he resumes.

Is Kin Shriner leaving General Hospital? What is he doing now?

Kin Shriner leaving General Hospital was just but a big joke. After airing the 55th General Hospital show, Kin took to Twitter and posted a highly controversial post that never went well with his fans.

He posted, “Scott Baldwin out” and most fans interpreted it as his departure. Fans responded in large numbers; and to add salt to the injury, there was another post that said, “True Scott Baldwin Has Left The Building.”

It elicited a lot of comments that denoted discomfiture and disappointments. He even deleted it to stop confusing his followers. He simply meant that he was done for that week, but fans understood that he was exiting the show. His role is always recurring, and that is why he has remained in General Hospital for all these years. Over the years, he has remained in this show and garnered many fans who delight in his performance. He is a quite interesting guy who thrills many fans.

Kin Shriner Married to wife and Children

Kin Shriner wife was Laura, but she was captivated so much by Luke Spencer. Consequently, she fell in love with him more than how she loved Kin, and she left him for Luke. He was very disappointed to the extent that his once good character changed. However, he decided to let it go, and she found Dominique Stanton and married her. Unfortunately, she died, and he was even more heartbroken.

Image of Kin Shriner
General Hospital actor, Kin Shriner

He decided to go back to his former wife and rekindled their love once again, but it did not last for long. Laura loved Luke more than him, and finally, he gave up and decided to let it go. His daughter Karen died after being hit by a car, while Logan died when he tried to attack Lulu and she hit him to death in self-defense. Two of his children, Serena and Franco, are still alive and doing well: not to mention Eric Lee.

Kin Shriner Net Worth, Age, Salary, and TV career

Kin Shriner age is 64 years, and he has been an actor in his entire life. He has appeared in General Hospital ever since 1977: though he keeps on going away sometimes. Also, he also casts some other soaps and series not to mention Port Charles. GH and the latter are some of the renowned series that he has cast. Kin Shriner net worth is $34.7 million, and he is still making more money from his career.

Image of Kin Shriner net worth is $34.7 million
Kin Shriner net worth is $34.7 million

He has cast shows and series extensively in his over a 4-decade career. Kin Shriner salary is not known, but it is obvious that he earns a handsome salary due to his fame and experience. Kin is one of the sought after actors who have a huge following. He has also appeared in many TV series since 1976, and that is where he has obtained his enormous amount of wealth.

Kin Shriner Gay Rumors

Kin Shriner gay rumors have spread due to his single life. He lives a very reserved life, and that is why he is suspected to be gay. He is not dating nor is his girlfriend known. That is why he is usually speculated about being gay, but there is no supporting evidence. Ever since when he broke up with his first wife and his second wife died, he has not been so much into dating. Kin has never been seen hanging out with anyone or even demonstrated any gay character. He is a reserved man who is concentrating on his career that pays him handsomely.

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