Know David Dickinson Net Worth & Age. Meet his Wife Lorne Lesley.

David Dickinson is best known as ITV and BBC One’s antique expert. He is most famous for hosting the show Bargain Hunt during its early stages of filming back in 2000 until 2004 with cheesy catchphrases like ‘cheap as chips.’ Learn more about Antique auctioneer and expert David Dickinson net worth he makes out of his career. Don’t forget to meet his lovely wife Lorne Lesley and find out his age.

Meet David Dickinson Wife, Lorne Lesley. Know about their married life and kids.

David met his wife Lorne Lesley sometime in the ‘60’s in a nightclub while he was still struggling as an antiques collector and dealer. She was a famous cabaret singer and mother to two kids, Robert and Katrina from her previous relationship. The two got hitched in 1969 and had lived a happily married life since then.

David Dickinson's wife Lorne and theirmarried life with net worth

David Dickinson with wife Lorne Dickinson

David was understanding enough and adopted her children as his own. The couple has lived together for almost five decades. It seems like David is a great husband to his wife despite their complicated marriage.

Career details.

David’s cheerful demeanor wasn’t always colorful when he was younger. His career had a somewhat rocky start: from dealing with personal family issues to jail sentencing, all as a teenager. He was born in Stockport 1941 to Eugenie Gulesserian, an Armenian textile trader born in 1919. At the age of 12, he found out he was adopted by the Dickinson’s and never met his biological father.

At 14, he became an apprentice at an aircraft factory but later quit to sell local antiques at fairs. At 19, he was jailed – something he’s not proud of- for mail order fraud and served three years in prison in Strangeways high maximum prison.

Life took a turn for the best in 1998 when he was asked to take a role in a two-part documentary on BBC. He later became famous as an antique expert and finally got his break from Bargain Hunt in early 2000. He later moved to ITV for a much more significant role starring in his show, Dickinson’s real deal which made him a TV sensation from then.

He has made great television history which has amassed a lump sum of wealth and fortune which contributes to his total net worth

David Dickinson Net Worth. His House and Cars.

David Dickinson current net worth as of 2018 is $3 Million. However, Dickinson’s net worth was approximately £2.2 million ($2.7 million) as of 2017.

David Dickinson's net worth and salary with wiki-bio

David Dickinson’s net worth and salary.

Other sources of his income from endorsements from several advertising gigs. In an interview, he jokes about his dark skin from Armenian descent.

“The funny thing is, I’ve done adverts for tea, beer, McDonald’s… but I’ve never been asked to do a tanning advert. I’d definitely say yes.”

So how does he spend his fortune? Well, he is known for his rich taste in cars. He was seen cruising around Manchester city center in a Rolls-Royce Wraith that’s worth £250,000. He also bought a penthouse next to Wayne Rooney and Coleen’s in Prestbury, Cheshire worth £1.5m

Antique expert David Dickinson huge net worth is mostly coming from his career as a TV personality and host of several shows.

Lorne Lesley’s Short Bio:

Lorne Lesley is mostly known as an actress and the wife of David Dickinson. Her age and date of birth are undocumented nor has she been generous with the information, although she does look very young for to her age. Much of her lineage and descent is still in the wind.

David Dickinson wife Lorne Lessley was however born in Tiger Bay, South Wales in the UK. Before her acting career, she was born under the name Irene Spetti for reasons best known to her.

Her active years in film started way back in the 50’s as a singer and performer. Her last appearance in TV series was in 2008 in the series All Star Mr & Mrs. She is a well-known Cabaret artist in the UK with a net worth of $250,000.

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