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Koren Grieveson biogaraphy, facts, Age, married, net worth, know about Anne Burrell partner.

kaoren grieveson

Koren Grieveson

Those who keep tabs on the culinary community and look for something fresh and tasty recipes then he certainly would be familiar with Koren Grieveson.

Grieveson is South African born American chef who has the reputation for Mediterranean and African-inspired food. She is the winner of the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes.

Koren Grieveson has come long way becoming a best in the Kitchen, however, it would come to you as a surprise if we tell you she is not the best chef in her house. She lives with her lesbian partner Anne Burrell who is more reputed and recognized chef among two.

In this wiki like Bio of Koren Grieveson, we will bring all the information from her early life, career and progression to her personal life details and affairs.

Early Life

Koren Grieveson was born on November 4, 1971, in Luanda, Angola, Southern Africa. She was born in a family which traveled around Europe and America. Her father was a businessperson who worked as a chicken farmer. As business grew he moved from Angola to Zimbabwe, Iran, England,  Brazil, and finally  Connecticut, U.S.A.

Koren Grieveson and her sister
Caption: Koren Grieveson and her sister

Grieveson’s spent her childhood in a temporary home moving from country to country along with her parents and sister. Eventually, they settled in Connecticut, USA, at the time she was 10 years of age.

Career and Progression

Koren Grieveson is an established chef however she set foot in chef world much later in her career. In 1987 she joined US army where she remained in service for eight years. The reason she joined the service is rather interesting and funny, which she opened in an interview with Food & Wine magazine.

“Honestly, the reason I joined the army is that I really wanted to drive those Jeeps. But the year I joined, they switched out the Jeeps for Humvees! I was 17; when the recruiter came around, my mother said to me, “you do know you’re signing up for eight years of your life?” I didn’t know that, but being my typical stubborn self I bit my tongue, swallowed my pride, and signed up anyway. I am happy I did my time; I learned a lot, and thankfully I served Stateside and during a time of peace. I didn’t have to think about what the troops are going through now.”

After leaving the military, she did catering in New York providing food for the Lollapalooza festivals in New York City and famous bands, including the Rolling Stones and the Eagles. The stint in Kitchen during catering days led her pursuing a career as a chef.

Begining her first step towards the career she attended Culinary Institute of America. During her journey, she was mentored by award-winning chef Paul Kahan developing her talent into the real deal.

kaoren grieveson
Caption: Koren Grieveson with James Beard Best Chef America America winning medal(2010)

She worked with Kahan for five years as sous chef at his restaurant Blackbird and also worked at San Francisco’s Aqua under chef Michael Mina. In October 2003 Koren Grieveson helped launch the wine bar Avec with her mentor, chef Paul Kahan. For uncomplicated, Mediterranean-inspired dishes at her restaurant–cum–wine bar she was named Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef in 2008.

In 2010, she won the James Beard Award for Best Chef America: Great Lakes in 2010. She later ran the kitchen at Claudette before joining Resto in October of 2015. After only six months she parted from the Resto for another step in her career.

Besides her accolades among various high-profile restaurants like Resto, Avec, and Blackbird she has appearances as guest Judge on popular cooking shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef.

Personal Life: Is she married to her Lesbian partner Anne Burell?

If we talk about her personal life she shares an impressive relationship with Anne Burell, a renowned chef. Koren Greiveson is a lesbian and there is no secret about the fact. She dated Anne Burell for a long time before getting engaged in the latter part of 2012. After the engagement, the pair talked about wedding destination, however, the wedding hasn’t happened yet.

Salary and Net Worth

Koren Grieveson is a prestigious chef who has many accolades in the culinary world. Looking at the reputation she has garnered, Grieveson must earn a generous salary. However, her net worth is not revealed.


Name: Koren Grieveson

Birthdate: November 4, 1971

Age: 45

Birth Place: Luanda, Angola

Nationality: American

Sexuality: Lesbian

Profession: Chef

Married: No

Partner: Anne Burrell

Net Worth: N/A

Bio Timeline

1971: Koren Grieveson was born

1981: She moved to the United States from Brazil

1987-1995: Joined and served 8 years in US army

2008: Won Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef award

2010: she won the James Beard Award for Best Chef America: Great Lakes

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