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Kristian Alfonso Husband, Married, Net Worth, Salary, Measurements, Weight Loss, Bio

Image of Kristian Alfonso husband, married, net worth, salary, jewelry, family, house, weight loss, wiki, bio

From the skating world, down to the modeling world and now to the acting world, the name Kristian Alfonso is well known. She is a star, famous for her role in NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Her career began while she was still very young hence you can expect Kristian Alfonso’s salary per episode as well as her net worth to be huge.

Get to know this as well as her houses, jewelry, age, family, height, weight, body measurements, weight loss details and whether she is leaving days of our lives. Before then, let’s go straight into exploring Kristian Alfonso’s husband and children.

Kristian Alfonso Married to Husband and Divorce. Meet her Kids

She is a married woman, but the story of her married life is quite interesting. In 1987, Kristian Alfonso’s husband was Simon Macauley. Gino William is the product of the love between Simon and the star. More details about their marriage other than the fact that it was not working since they divorced in 1991 are not known. It is however believed that the two had irreconcilable marriage differences.

Image of Kristian Alfonso with her ex-husband Simon Macauley
Kristian Alfonso with her ex-husband, Simon Macauley

Love was still kind to the star as she found it in the arms of Danny Daggenhurst. Presently, therefore, Kristina Alfonso’s husband is Danny Daggenhurst. The duo exchanged vows on 6th October 2006, and since then they have never separated. This is a clear indication that the couple is a perfect fit for one another. Kristina Alfonso’s husband has been blessed with a son, Jack from his marriage to the star. Jack was born about a year after the wedding between his father and mother.

Image of Kristian Alfonso with her husband Danny Daggenhurst
Kristian Alfonso with her husband, Danny Daggenhurst

Before marrying the actress, Kristina Alfonso’s husband was married to Nabila Khashoggi. The lady is better described as an actress and philanthropists currently married to the billionaire James Cox Chamber. While still together they sired a child named Sparton. The child is, therefore, a stepson to Kristian.

Kristian Alfonso Net Worth and Salary per Episode

With three thriving careers, Kristian Alfonso’s net worth as initially stated is a desirable one. To perfectly understand her earnings, it is necessary to know the details of her career. Before the age of 13, the star was rocking in the Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championships. It was here that she received a gold medal and with such a reward you can trust that Kristian Alfonso’s salary, as well as her net worth, was entirely not something someone her age would earn.

While she reached 13, she underwent a severe accident rendering her unfit to participate in skating. This did not put her down as she sourced a different career which is modeling. The lady appeared in numerous cover magazines. This serves as a clear indication that Kristian Alfonso’s net worth underwent some increase since her popularity increased. Although she earned quite a lot from modeling and skating, it seems this was not enough for her. Attributing to this is her decision of becoming an actress while aged 15.

The acting career has done her more good than harm. To begin with, it has made her earn a huge fan base. Secondly, Kristian Alfonso’s salary has increased tremendously due to her acting career. Fans are however left in the dark concerning her actual earnings. In as much as we would like to reveal Kristian Alfonso’s salary per episode, this is quite challenging. This is because up till now, the star has not announced any of this information to the public. The case is not the same for the net worth as it is publicly known. According to the latest findings by Celebrity Net Worth, Kristian Alfonso’s net worth as of 2018 is an estimated $5 million.

Image of Actress, Kristian Alfonso net worth is $5 million
Days of Our Lives actress, Kristian Alfonso net worth is $5 million

How old is Kristian Alfonso? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

The actress was born on 5th September 1963. In 2018, Kristian Alfonso’s age is therefore 55. She is, however, living life to the fullest, and unless you are told, you cannot guess that she is 55 years of age. Brockton earthed in Massachusetts in the United States is the exact birthplace of the queen.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Weight Loss

The star, although a model, had a tough time battling her heavyweight. Through the correct workouts, however, she was able to burn down excess calories in her body and achieve a weight of 54.4 kilograms. About her height, the mother of three stands on a cute height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Her body measurements are 36-24-34 inches.

Kristian Alfonso House and Jewelry

Kristian Alfonso has a special love and bond for jewelry. As a result of her passion for jewels and her colossal earnings, he opened a jewelry line titled Kristian Alfonso Jewels. The jewelry line is thriving as this does not come as a surprise as her products are unique and beautiful. Her salary added to what she earns from this jewelry line has enabled her to live a luxurious life. Details about her cars and houses remain hidden from the public.

Is Kristian Alfonso leaving days of our lives? What is she doing now?

There have been tales that your favorite actress is leaving Days of Our lives drama series. No Kristian Alfonso is still part of the big family at Days of our lives. Currently, she is into her acting career as well as her jewelry line.

Wiki Bio

Kristian Alfonso identifies as Kristian-Joy Alfonso. She is the proud daughter of Gino Alfonso and Joanne Alfonso. She has only one sibling named Lisa Alfonso hence has no brother. Today, her family ranks among the prestigious ones in Massachusetts. Since her grandparents came from the Calabria and Sicily location of Italy, she bears the Italian ethnicity, but her nationality is American.

She attended and completed her high school studies at Brockton High School in 1982. In her line of career, she has been nominated for eight awards and has won various awards including but not limited to Soap Opera Digest Award for Days of Our Lives in 1984 and 2002 and Special Fan Award for America’s Favorite Couple.

Quick Facts about Kristian Alfonso

Name Kristian-Joy Alfonso
Age 55
Birthdate September 5, 1963
Birthplace Brockton, Massachusetts
Parents Gino and Joanne Alfonso
Siblings 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Career Acting, Modeling
Salary Not Known
Net worth $5 million
Husband Simon Macauley-divorced

Danny Daggenhurst-married 2001

Children 3
Weight 54.4 kgs
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Body measurements 36-24-34

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