What is Kye Kelley’s Ex-Wife Alisa Mote doing after divorce? Her wiki bio

If you are a fan of cars, more specifically fast cars, and car racing sports, you’ve probably heard of Street Outlaws. Just as the name suggests, it is a street racing TV show that airs on Discovery Channel. Kye Kelley is one of the drivers in the show and was until recently, married to one Alisa Mote, our subject for today.

There’s not much known about Alisa especially personal details like age, date of birth et cetera and she probably prefers it that way. We do however know of:

Alisa Mote’s Married life and Divorce with Kye Kelley. What caused the divorce?

When Kye first appeared on Street Outlaws, he and wife Alisa were newlyweds and expecting Kye’s second child and Alisa’s firstborn. The two tied the note near the end of 2015 after being a couple for some time.

Kye Kelley's Ex-Wife Alisa Mote Divorce reason

Caption:- Kye Kelley’s and  Alisa Mote was in a relationship for less than a 1 year.

Seven months later they welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. However, the couple soon after separated and made it official early last year after finalizing their divorce. And as for what caused this abrupt and surprising divorce, they are yet to disclose.

Kye Kelley former wife Alisa Mote’s Life After Divorce

Unlike her ex-husband who didn’t waste time getting back to the dating scene, Alisa seems happily occupied by motherhood. She leads a private life and doesn’t flaunt her business on social media except for that one time she is rumored to have said in a Facebook post, “THE DEFINITION OF TRASH: Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley’s affair. That’s all I have to say.”

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Who is Lizzy Musi?

Well, that’s the drag racer Kye has been cozying up to in public and social media since the divorce was official. Rumors of the two dating started even before Alisa and Kye’s breakup was confirmed.

There are therefore speculations pointing the finger at Lizzy as the cause of her boyfriend’s divorce. However, none of the involved parties has made a commentary on the issue.

Alisa Mote's Life After Divorce

Caption:- Alisa Mote is living happy Life After Divorce.

Who is Alisa Mote dating in 2018?

Although she’s active on social media, it’s hard to tell whether Alisa Mote has also moved on due to her being private.

She regularly posts adorable photos of Alexa, her daughter, who will this year turn two and some of her and her girls hanging out or just having fun in general. Dating or not, married or not, Alisa seems to have adapted well to her new life as a single mum.


What Does Kye Kelley former wife Alisa Mote Do?

Kye Kelley former wife Alisa Mote works as a nurse. But as for where she works and studied nursing, that information is unavailable to the public.

Alisa Mote's career nurse

Caption:- Alisa Mote’s main profession is Nurse

We wish Kye Kelley former wife Alisa all the best and hope she finds true love along the way. Cheers.

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